Useful Swag

Did You Know?  Each week, your IBD Swag Coaches are the lucky recipients of all manner of ideas to help you promote your brand. Our suppliers are constantly scouring the retail markets for items to bring to the Swag World so that we can help you, our beloved customer, get the most bang for your advertising spend.

In the end, we all have the same goal - to get your employees and clients promoting your brand. What's the best way to meet this goal? Awesome, Useful Swag of course. Great products that your end user will wear or use time and time again. Not only are they promoting your brand, but they're also experiencing the warm, fuzzy joy of receiving a gift from you.

Take a look at just a few of the items that have graced Swag Maven's desk (and inbox) this week alone:


#technicalswag Don't you just hate it when your hand cramps up while holding your tablet for an important presentation (or, if I'm completely honest - a long game of Candy Crush)? We've got a stylish solution for you. Not only is this tablet case hight on style points and function, but this beauty is rugged too - in case you get a case of the dropsies. Your iPad (or Droid) will be safe and secure. This particular style can be yours for about $33.00. Includes your logo don't 'cha know.



Here's a nifty little device Swag Maven has been trying out all week. Reader, meet PopSocket. PopSocket, meet Reader:

At first, I was skeptical as this gadget seems a little bulky with real potential to annoy; but after using it for a week or so I quite like the Popsocket. It provides a nice grip so I'm not plagued with those aforementioned hand cramps and it works well as a phone stand whilst I work away at my desk searching for the perfect swag for my customers. And, would you look at all that advertising space? Dare I say it? Your logo will really pop!  These little guys can be yours for about $2.50 each


#whimsicalswag Speaking of ad space, have you seen the Brandana? The name says it all - add your brand to a bandana, and voila! You've got a marketing coup that your client can use again and again. For just $3.00 you can supply your team with a multifunction towel that can be used from the tailgate party to the final whistle. Actually, this swag is quite useful don't you think?


Keep it Cool Of course if you are sending clients or employees to the big game, why not set them up with a Slap Koozie? A Koozie that slaps around your beverage? Genious. Keeps it nice and cold too. Swag Maven is real fond of the Tumbler insulator too. Cost for either of these? Less than three bucks. Nice.


#usefulswag Let's end today's post with something Really Useful, shall we? How about this Blue Light Special? Who doesn't love a BOGO*?

Two for the price of one? That's two, high quality and stylish umbrellas for right around $20.00, my friend. I call that a swag bargain. And one that will keep those April Showers at bay.


As you can see, promo gear is so much more than pens & polos. The items above are just a smattering of the technical, whimsical,  useful and continually innovative swag that we see each and everyday. Why not check out more options on our website - or better yet, reach out to your Swag Coach! You can reach any one of us right here. Don't have a Coach yet? No problem fill out the form on the contact page and one of us will get back to you in faster than you can say, "Logo Me!"

*Swag Maven Tip: Place your order for these Umbrellas quick - prices like these won't be around long