Workin' It

Let’s Brand the Office With more and more adults spending more and more time at work, the office environment has become not only one’s home away from home but also what your Swag Coaches likes to call a Branding Hotbed.  From what we write with to what we drink from to what we wear, the branding potential for putting your logo in the public eye is seemingly endless.

You already know about the wearables: T-shirts, polo and dress shirts, fleece vests and soft shell jackets, to name a few. Today, Swag Maven will tell you about some other bits of swag you might not have considered as potential advertising space in your office.

Workplace Wonders Whether you are furnishing your own corporate office or that of your client’s, you have an opportunity to put your logo in position to be viewed over and over again. Is there any more magic to a giveaway than that? Here at IBD this week alone, your Swag Coaches have helped clients with lanyards, journals, pens, badge reels and coffee mugs. All hot sellers in their own right, but today I want to focus on some industry leaders: Three, tried and true office and desk products that just reak of return on investment.

USB Drives - Not Just for Techies Once they were reserved for the more technical among us, but now USB Drives have evolved to a useful and popular promotional tool for the masses. With the capacity to store many types of electronic files, whether personal or professional, USB drives have moved into the forefront of Swag world. No longer just a skinny stick to store your data, we can get you a USB in nearly any shape you desire.


What’s more, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our vast selection, we can take your custom design and turn it into a swell leave- behind. Whose up for USB shaped like a plate of sushi?


Calendars – Mark the Date Sure, all the cool kids are keeping track of their appointments on their smart phones, but for the visual among us, a printed calendar is a very useful tool. Even though swag Maven relies on the techie method quite a lot, it’s her planner that keeps her on track for social engagements and appointments with clients. What’s more - when planning production for said client's swag – it is always the wall calendar that I turn to (thanks Notes Inc!) for date confirmation.

Here at IBD, we’ve found that our customer’s clients come to depend on receiving their annual gift of a calendar. And you know those calendars got logo! Talk about a lot of impressions! From classic to trendy, perpetual to good old fashioned wall calendars – there is something out there for every market.

Stress Relievers - Feeling Stressed? You’re not alone. Those cute little Stress Relievers that you see on everybody’s desk round out our list of go-to desktop swag.

Like the USB drives, these come in all shapes and sizes – there is literally something for every industry. And, like the USB drives, if you don’t see what you like – no problem we can custom design these bad boys too. How about we turn your logo into a little squeeze ball for you employees to toss around the cubicles?



Pleasing the Cubicle Crowd Let’s face it. Work is work. Even if you have a great job like Swag Maven here, you need a little something to brighten up the old cubicle. I say, let’s do it with swag. Useful Swag. Some for your employees, some for your clients and what the heck, some for your prospects.