Why Swag?

Have you ever noticed that brand names like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Disney, Adidas and Nike to name a few, are recognized all over the world? True Story. If you were to wake up tomorrow in China, Africa, or South America - most anywhere in the world actually, there is a very good chance that if you asked for a product from one of these esteemed brands, the concierge at your hotel would know exactly what you’re talking about – and, where to find it. What makes these companies so visible you ask? Swag Maven has two words for you: Brand Awareness.



Each of these companies and all the big players really, spend untold fortunes on visibility & outreach each year, with the singular goal of making their brand a household name. What’s more, they’re putting their impressions out there in a myriad of ways, from sponsoring sports teams to underwriting charitable events to good old fashion swag give away. You see, they want brand exposure anywhere you are going to be:  in your home, on the road, watching a movie, taking in a game at the ballpark – even working out at the gym. Swag Maven once saw a Disney ad at the local library. But listen dear reader, increasing brand awareness does not have to be that intense or difficult to be effective – especially if you have the right strategies.

IBD Swag Coaches to the Rescue We know not every company can shell out the big bucks on advertising & promotion (of course if you can, do give us a call), but a medium sized business such as yours can implement brand awareness in a big way simply by investing in promotional products. Billboards not in the budget this year? How about mini billboards all over town - in the form of sweatshirts, t-shirts, drinkware and pens? Here at IBD, we say, let your customers and employees do the advertising for you. Not only are your clients getting free promo wear, but you are getting your brand visible – all at very low cost per impression.

Bang for your Buck Did you know that Swag is one of the most effective tools to create brand awareness? Here’s how it works: You give Client T-shirt, hoody, baseball cap, mug, pen etc... Client wears said swag out into the world sporting your brand everywhere they go and there you have it – visibility. Just like that. What’s more, said client is feeling all warm and fuzzy toward your brand because they just got a great sweatshirt. I ask you, who doesn’t love quality swag? And here’s the thing – when those clients use that awesome swag (again and again), friends, family and strangers in the street get used to your brand presence. When this is achieved, we’ve hit the sweet spot and your advertising and marketing just became that much easier. You’re Welcome.

How Can We Help? Look, when it comes to promotional advertising products, we know there are a million options out there - and  that’s why we’re here! To help you scope the possibilities, narrow down the choices and set you up with the most effective swag for your business. I promise you, there is something for every business that is both relevant and in the budget. Check out our webstore here and start shopping for those mini billboards now.




Swag Maven Tip #3 : You gotta spend money to make money.