We've Gone Virtual


IBD has gone virtual and no doubt, so has your team. 

World events (ahem, looking at you Coronavirus) have rapidly changed how we all conduct business. For the health and safety of employees and clients alike, many of us have rapidly switched to the virtual environment to conduct business with both our team members and our clients.

For many companies, this is new territory and requires a new level of awareness. As we all log in from our home offices (er sofas - show of hands, who’s wearing their PJ’s right now?), team unity and bonding are more important than ever. Whether your crew meets via Zoom, Slack or Hangouts, IBD has solutions to support those video conferences and the WFH life, all while promoting team bonding and unity. Here are just a few of our many top sellers.

Stay Hydrated   Now more than ever – our health is of paramount importance. A key pillar of good health is hydration. How cool would it be if each team member rocked your brand with their own water bottle boasting the company logo?


Journals  Sure, the first part of every Zoom meeting is all about the check-in, but soon enough business comes to the table and notes must be taken. Why not provide your team with a great journal to write down those action items and light bulb moments?


Earbuds  Did we mention the importance of quality audible during your virtual meetings? Good earbuds make all the difference. 



We’re all in this together   It’s true, even though we’re all doing our part to protect our communities and Stay Home, we are all in this together. Your IBD sales rep can help you put together comfort kits to send to your team members, or even as thank you gifts to valued clients to keep your business top of mind.

Did you know? Our preferred suppliers are up and running and ready to help you conduct business in this new environment. Reach out today with a phone call, an email or if you prefer, a Zoom link – we’re here to help.