We Ship Everywhere Man, We Ship Everywhere

 Genius Marketing: Who doesn't love a good, viral-worthy video?

We Ship Anything - Even Your Pants Swag Maven, being the savvy marketer that she is, just loves a good, memorable ad campaign; especially when it makes her laugh so hard she tears up.  Even though IBD won't be putting out a Viral-Worthy Video anytime soon (or will we?), we wanted to take a moment to piggy back on K Mart's sentiment: Yes, we can "ship your pants." Any where you want them to go, we'll ship them there. Even if your meeting is in here: 

Hilton. In Dubai. Yeah, we shipped there.


We ship Everywhere That's right, we ship every where. If  Swag Boss were to hang a great big Map of  the World on our showroom wall, and get some of those itty bitty push-pins to mark all the places we've shipped swag to, you my friend would be amazed at all the places our famous IBD white boxes with the fancy vanity tape (that's shipping tape with our logo on it if you're wondering- and yeah we can get you some) have been.


Sure-sure,  there'd be lots of pins closer to home here on the west coast of the USA. But our clients are spread all over the United States. On a daily basis we are shipping the  good swag to the East Coast, the Midwest and everywhere in between.  

Not only that, but are you aware we ship internationally too? You bet we do. In just the first two quarters of 2016 we've shipped swag to Germany, England, Singapore and yes, even Dubai. Needless to say, wherever you need the swag to go, we'll get it there for you.

We Ship all the Ways Want your promtional items coming at you on good old, UPS? Okay. Prefer Fed Ex? We can do that too. However you want to roll, we can make it happen. From local courier to LTL shipments we have you covered with have excellent and reliable shipping methods with all the best carriers to ensure on-time delivery for your event.

This little company started right down the street from IBD World Headquarters


Want to roll this way? We're on it?

We're no stranger to the local courier and same day delivery if that's what you need.


We Ship the Swag You get it, we can Ship Your Pants, but what's the best part about all this?  Don't you forget dear reader, Swag Maven and all your Swag Coaches are gonna throw YOUR logo on those pants!  Or t-shirts. Or mugs.  Or whatever your pretty little heart desires. IBD's mission is to make your marketing program easier for you by providing you with the best possible swag and shipping that swag wherever you need it to go.


Driving Home the Point I've Been Every Where, Man. courtesy of The Man in Black and Miss Lynn Anderson. Circa 1965 Or as our IBD Shipping Manager likes to sing, I Ship Everywhere, Man - I Ship EveryWay Man


Hey Pal, Did You Read This Post? If you did, let your Swag Coach know and get yourself a nice little discount off shipping costs on your very next order? How does $25.00 off sound?  Get in touch: customerservice@incentivesbydesign.com