Warning! 2017 is Right Around the Corner

Ahhh… Summer  In the Pacific Northwest, turning the calendar to August pretty much guarantees that summer weather has actually arrived and along with it, for just a little while, lazier days and shorter nights. Cue the mid-week, late-night dinners with friends, morning coffee on the deck, corporate golf tournaments and of course, longer and longer weekends. At IBD Swag Headquarters, we've noticed the phones stop ringing right around noon or so on Friday afternoons in August. And you know, they might not start ringing again until a little later on Monday morning. Nice. Enjoy the long weekends while you can.

Wake up People Swag Maven doesn’t want to be a buzz kill or anything, but come on people now - It’s August 1st! Time to wake up and get your 2017 Calendar orders in motion!
What’s that you say Swag Maven? August? Calendars? That’s so old-school. Actually not. We’ve got the orders and the statistics that tell us otherwise. You see, every year at this time your Swag Coaches are busy assisting their clients and finalizing orders for one of the most-favored swag gifts – the calendar. From millennials to boomers, from tech-types to plumbing types – everybody still has a use for a physical calendar. Take a look around you right now, Swag Maven bet’s you a dollar there is some kind of calendar in your midst – planner, desk, wall or even an itty bitty magnetic calendar. Another dollar says there’s a good chance somebody’s logo is on that calendar. Furthermore, chances are, you’ll glance at that calendar at least once today. And tomorrow. And the next day.

All those glances? We call that brand impressions. And that pal, is what you want your logo on: a gift that keeps on giving and keeps your brand top of mind.
Why Calendars?
              4 Simple Reasons:
    • First and Foremost – A year’s worth of brand impressions. In one neat bundle – for very little investment on your part!

    • Secondly – Easy Reference. Calendars are right there on your client’s desk or wall. Right. There.

    • Thirdly - Numbers, baby, numbers. 25% of U.S Consumers own and use a branded calendar. That’s one in 4 of each and every one of us. Surveys have shown that some of us even have multiple calendars to keep them in the know both at home and office.

    • Fourthly - Simple and cost effective. Not only can you get calendars for a song - you can send them out to your clients via the the good old United States Postal Service for probably half a song!

Show Me More "Okay, Swag Maven, I’m sold. Tell me, what kind of options do I have when it comes to Calendars?"  Many my friend, many.
Commercial Wall Calendar: We're not kidding, big ad space on this top seller.
Traditional Wall Calendar: Virtually any theme available to coordinate with your brand and logo.
Unique Options: Care for something a little different? Can do!
Classic Planner: Still Swag Maven's Favorite!
By the Way -Why August? If you are wondering why the push for orders in August. Our publishing houses become extremely busy come September through November and delivery dates get pushed out further and further. Ordering by August 31 ensures timely delivery for holiday gift giving. 
Added Service  Want to place the order, but no room to store boxes and boxes of printed material? No problem! We can hold shipment on those printed calendars until just exactly when you need them. Just little extra service we provide to make your promo-programs that much easier.
Ready to Order – Start right here on our website. Then – GET IN TOUCH! You know all the ways.
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