Wag the Swag



Dogs are the New People Happy Holidays from Incentives by Design!  It’s no secret to visitors at IBD’s Swag Headquarters – we are knee deep in holiday preparations – and dogs. What you probably don’t know is that it’s the dogs that run the show. I’m not making this up. The photo below was taken at this year’s Board of Director’s meeting held in our SODO showroom.

IBD Board of Directors (L-R): Cooper - President, Ghost - Operations, Gus - CEO, Wrigley - CFO, and Bingo - Dir. of Marketing

Yep, while your Swag Coaches were decking the halls and putting the finishing touches on your holiday orders – these guys were holding their annual meeting to wrap up the year and lay out the plans for 2016.

Wag the Swag  - A Blatant Call to Action You can no doubt tell from the photo that our “Board” is a lively group. But fear not dear reader, they get the work done. It’s true, in fact, this year they came up with a Q1 initiative that will put a smile on your face and er, wag your tail.

While 2015 was our best yet, we want to keep those Swag and Uniform orders rolling and make sure that your clients and crew are rocking your logo and promoting your brand wherever they go. With that in mind, the Board has authorized a coupon of sorts.  How does 10% off any one new order in the first quarter sound? That’s right. You pick the order – just one though – and we’ll apply a 10% discount*.

Want to take advantage of this great give? Just mention Wag the Swag to your Swag Coach when placing your order. We’ll do the rest!

The Dogs of IBD  Unfortunately, the entire board wasn’t able to attend this year’s meeting. In case you are curious, here are the absentees - in alphabetical order:

 CeCe - Director of Customer Service 


Ellie - Senior Vice President

Ginger - Director of Events

 Teeka & Snorkie - Directors of Social Media


 Jax - Executive Administrator (Shhh he doesn't know he's not a dog)


 *Discount applied to final invoice of one order per client in First Quarter of 2016, before Freight and Sales Tax