I Heart Luke Willson & Stormtech

Gobsmacked  You may have heard that here in Seattle, we have a little football team we're rather fond of.  Don't want to brag or anything, but these guys have been to the Superbowl twice - in as many years I might add. Among the outstanding players to emerge from the ranks of so much incredible talent, is one Luke Willson. And Swag Maven couldn't be more pleased. Not only is Luke (first name basis, natch) a bright star on the team, but he has recently partnered with one of our favorite outerwear suppliers, Stormtech Performance Wear.


This Guy It's no wonder Willson has teamed up with StormTech to become a Brand Ambassador; the two have a lot in common. Both are premier level performers in their respective arenas. Both represent strength, durability, unparalleled performance and of course, they both make key contributions to whatever team they land on.

The Guy: Working out with his trainer at a recent Stormtech photoshoot

A lifelong athlete, it seems Luke has excelled in every sport he’s tried: hockey, baseball and track. In fact, when it came time to take that 4.0 GPA he maintained all through high school (yeah, he’s a smarty too) Luke had to choose between a football scholarship at Rice University, or wait for it, signing a pro baseball contract. Of course you know how this ended up.

And of course you know it’s that stellar work ethic that eventually brought the Canadian-born athlete together with the Canadian-born apparel company. As part of his own personal philosophy Luke Willson has made it a point to align himself with like-minded companies. In his own words:

"My lifestyle is active outside of football and Stormtech offers performance apparel for nearly every sport and outdoor activity. I am excited to bring that same enthusiasm for the active lifestyle to my ‘Let’s Work’ line."

Technically Speaking Did he say performance? Whether you need a simple softshell to outfit your sales team or you’re looking for a robust option for the crew that does the work out in the elements – Stormtech has you covered. It’s like this you see, they run each and every garment through a rigorous protocol in which the garments are field tested in a wide range of climate and weather conditions. Not only that, each of the outerwear styles comes with a climate range rating and details specific levels of water repellency capabilities.

Climate Range ratings range from Warm to Extreme cold, meaning  that there is a garment you’ll be comfortable in whether  the temperature is 31 degrees below zero or 86 degrees above. We’re talking Fahrenheit here, but we can speak Celsius if that’s how you roll (+30*C to -35*C).

Quality Swag While Luke and his team were preparing for Super Bowl 2014, Swag Maven had a client call her up: “Swag Maven- I’m taking my team to the Iditarod, I need something to keep us warm  while we watch the mushers!” says client. Straightaway - I show him this 3 in 1 Vortex Jacket; with a rating for Extreme Cold of course. With a zip out fleece liner that could be worn on its own, I knew this coat could be worn comfortably in the Alaskan outback as well as the streets of Seattle.


Be Prepared: None other than the Boy Scouts of America wore this coat on the sidelines of  Iditiarod 2014

Style Points You know quality is important to your Swag Coaches, but don’t forget – we like to keep you lookin’ good too. Technical superiority aside, with a focus on fashion-forward styling, your clients and employees  will appreciate the on-trend options Stormtech has to offer.  Want to get in on the Puffy Coat bandwagon? Here you go pal.


On Trend: Stormtech's PFV-2 & AFP-1 will keep you cozy and stylin'


GUARANTEED  I’ll let you in on a little secret. One of the many reasons your Swag Coaches are so darn fond of Stormtech products is their amazing 3 Year warranty. You read that right,  they stand behind their products to the tune of 3 years! Check it out for yourself, straight from the catalogue:

"All products are fully warrantied to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for three years."

What? Who does that? Stormtech, that’s who.

Let’s Work  Since joining the Seattle football team, Luke has developed the mantra "Let’s Work." It’s his way of generating that positive mindset and injecting great energy into "each day and each activity." Here at IBD we want to bring that same energy to your promotional program by putting your team into a signature piece – Stormtech of course.

Free Set Ups We’re so committed to the "Let’s Work" ethic we will waive the set up fees for any order of 48 units or more of Stormtech product placed by October 15th. That’s right FREE set ups. That’s a saving of at least $80.00. What are you waiting for? Get on the stick and get in touch with your Swag Coach!

Don’t have a Swag Coach? No problem, send an email to info@incentivesbydesign.com and we’ll match you up with a specialist right away. 

Swag Maven Tip #8 Come to our Swagapalooza on October 15th and see and touch the Stormtech line for yourself. You'll see key pieces from the line, schmooze with the supplier and enjoy great apps and wine and microbrew too. What the heck, bring a colleague with you - we're treating after all. Haven't received an invite yet? Send an email to bonnie@incentivesbydesign.com - she'll get you hooked up with an invite just like that!

 Oh Yeah, want to read the full interview and get all the deets on Luke Willson? Check it right here!