To Your Health!


Gather Round the Water Cooler  Here at IBD, the water cooler is not just for gossip. You may not know this, but your Swag Coaches are health-conscious and big on hydration. Just ask our water delivery guy; he’s toting in several of those 5 gallon water barrels every week. Oh Yeah. We like to hydrate.

Into what are we putting that water you ask? Logoed drinkware of course!  As your liaison between supplier and end user, we coaches take our work seriously and road-test all manner of drinkware. When called upon to help you select the appropriate vessel – we’ve got the experience to ensure your purchase is perfect in every way. 

Fun Facts Not only is consumption of water good for you*, your employees and your clients, but from an advertising standpoint, those logoed water bottles that you see everywhere are an excellent "Return on Investment". Did you know:


  • 25% of all U.S. Consumers own embellished drinkware. Imagine the potential audience that your promotional message reaches. Can you say millions? I’ll drink to that.


  • Ad Space Sometimes, we want to get real swaggy and have our logo stand out. You know what I mean. With potential ad space of up to 3 inches in height on most water bottles – your logo is going to pop. And don’t forget – in most cases, you have the option of a front and back logo placement. We coaches call that a “wrap print.”


  • Lifestyle   Yes, my friend – Lifestyle. Your employees and clients are taking their water bottles with them.  From home, to work, to gym to grocery store and everywhere in between. They want to carry something that is not only functional, but is high on form. Suppliers get this. On our webstore, you’ll find not only the basic water bottle, but highly stylized beauties as well.


  • Great Gift  We know you like to give a gift - so do our suppliers. That's why many of them are packaging up the drinkware all nice and fancy-like: 



What to buy, What to buy With so many choices out there, lets narrow it down so you can get the function your looking for along with that prime ad space. 

Single Wall V. Double Wall On a budget and don’t need your beverage to stay cool for very long? Let’s set you up with a nice, Single Walled vessel. I like those made of Tritan the best. BPA free, natch. 

Insulation Levels  Once you’ve made the choice to go double wall, we’ve got 4, yes 4, levels of insulation for you to choose from. Check ‘em out below, listed in order of Good, Better, Best and Cadillac - oh, baby! 


$  AIR Air between the inner and outer walls



$$ FOAM You guessed, foam between the inner and outer walls.



$$$ VACUUM INSULATION  No air between the inner and the outer walls - just vacuum sealed



$$$$ COPPER INSULATION No air - these sweet tumblers are copper plated



Order Up, Drink Up! Now you know. Water bottles aren't as simple as they appear. But have no fear, you now have the knowledge to make an informed decision and purchase the very best water bottle for your employees and clients that works well and suits your advertising budget.



*Swag Maven Health Tip: Consume half your weight in ounces of water every day. Weigh 140 pounds? Drink 70 onces today - and everyday. Cheers!