Time For: Swag Upgrade!

It May Be Time for a Swag Upgrade


I Saw the Signs Not too long ago Swag Maven had to replace her dishwasher. Don’t fret – it wasn’t so bad. Before the darn thing went completely off line, there were tell-tale signs that a change was imminent. The slow drip, drip, drip that eventually became a leak, the soap that didn’t completely dissolve during the wash cycle … you get the picture.  Because we were paying attention, we replaced the aging relic just in time and never missed a beat– nor did we have to wash dishes by hand!

Keeping a vigilant eye on your company’s promotional products is just as important as maintaining household appliances - keep your advertising initiative running smoothly, pay attention to the signs and you too, wll not miss a beat. Contrary to popular belief your company's swag is not a static program.  Don’t believe for a minute that you can use the same old swag to continue promoting your brand for years and years.  

Here at IBD we host many company stores for our clients. Each and every year – sometimes twice a year - we go in and freshen up the inventory. You know, add in the latest and greatest swag, switch out some colors to match the retail trends and help our customers find the best and most useful promo products. After all, promo products are becoming trendier each year – it’s important to hold your client’s interest and stay on top of those trends. Then, your clients will keep you, top of mind.

Swag Maven wonders, Is your company in need of change?


The 5 Signs that it’s time to ... Change it up!

 1. Your Swag Program is on Auto Redial

If quarter after quarter you reorder the same products again and again – it is definitely time for a change pal! Swag world is always improving and adding new products from the retail world. Now more than ever, you can gift your clients and employees with something very similar to what they would normally purchase in the retail world.

2. Your Employees are Not Using Company Swag

Important point here.  As the heart and soul of your company, each and every one of your employees is a brand ambassador. Think of that hoodie they sport on Saturday morning while they’re out doing the chores as a mini billboard -  going out into the world and promoting your company and building your brand awareness. That tote bag they take to the grocery store? It will garner, on average, 5,700 impressions over its lifetime. 

Research Provided by the Advertising Specialties Institute, C 2016. All Rights Reserved 

The take away here? Your people need to believe in the swag. Make it cool, make it trendy and make it desirable! And, take note of how your crew responds to the promo items. If they want it for their own, they'll want to share it too. And when it comes to swag, sharing is golden. 

3. Oops, You Changed Your Brand But Not Your Swag

 It happens all the time. You implement a big, new branding effort – even change up your logo but then, you don’t change your giveaways. As we’ve discussed, swag can be used to promote your brand on the daily. But did you know that you should be using swag to announce brand changes as well as product launches? You bet!  Recently, one of our clients reached out to us looking for the perfect little give away to announce their product launch to potential customers. Swag Coach got busy right away and put together a whole suite of goods to welcome said potential clients. First up, a custom USB drive in the shape of their company mascot. Perfection. Oh - Did I mention, that this particular client sells data storage? Like I said, perfection! 

4. Got Strategy?

Another common branding mistake – your giveaways aren’t relevant to the brand. Swag is not happenstance and definitely not random. With all the things we can put your logo on, your Swag Coaches can help you to implement your brand with a solid strategy that relates directly to your brand.

Consider This

When we set out to source product for our clients, here’s what we consider:

  • Does it relate? Will potential Swag relate to the client’s brand initiative?

  • Is the Swag useful? Will the recipients keep it and use it or will they cast it off?

  • Wow Factor? We want you, your employees and your clients to be totally over the moon upon receiving a swag item.

The takeaway here? Present swag with a purpose. Present your crew and your clients with relevant and useful swag and you will reap the rewards. Showing appreciation for both clients and employees will no doubt leave a good feeling in their heart and inspire them to do business with you – now, and in the future.

5. Budget Baby

You know the saying, “you got to spend money to make money.” When it comes to adding swag to your advertising budget, Swag often doesn’t get recognized as the powerhouse that it is. When allocating your advertising dollars this Spring, consider these stats brought to you by our friends at The Promotional Products Association:

  • 43% of American consumers really do like receiving swag – come on, who doesn’t love something free


  • 48% say they want more swag. Bring it on!


  • 76% of American consumers can tell you who gave them that nifty hoodie (of course they can, your company logo is right on it!)


  • 52% of American Consumers did business with the Swag provider.


Fifty-Two Percent? Are you kidding me? That’s an ROI Swag Maven can live with. How about you? If you are still reading this, chances are you - my friend - are in need of a Swag Upgrade. Do not fear – Your Swag Coach can help. Get in touch and let him or her show you how we can revitalize your Swag Program.

This week's call to Action: Reach out to your Swag Coaches -  or info@incentivesbydesign. Tell them Swag Maven sent you and will receive Free Set Ups on your brand new order.