The Finals


Seeing Yellow  Show of hands - who’s completely gob smacked by the enormous talent competing in these 2016 NBA Finals? I’m mean - on the one hand you’ve got the Cavs with LeBron, Kevin and Kyrie. On the other hand, you have the Warriors with the Splash Brothers and their entire supporting cast.  With all that talent running up and down the courts, this year’s Finals has brought out even the most reluctant of NBA fans to see how this one will end up; including yours truly.

Okay – another show of hands. Who’s watching the game and the ubiquitous highlights on Sports Center - and seeing yellow? You know, beyond the athletic prowess and arcing three-pointers – what do you see? In Monday night’s Game, Swag Maven saw nothing but a beautiful branding story amongst a sea of yellow. Yellow Tee shirts that is.

Branding Tip Tell the Story – Show the Story - Tie it all together with Swag.

From a branding point of view, Golden State has it all going on. Take another look at that clip. This time with your Branding Goggles on. See the way the floor ties in with the uniforms? Nice. The color-story is impressive, pleasing and memorable. If that’s not enough – they even brought in the fans to help carry the theme, the message is to support the team with those fabulous yellow tees (Not gonna lie here, Swag Maven sure would’ve liked that order).



Swag Maven sure does want that shirt order


3 Questions to Answer The next time you are about to drop some spend on your promo program, ask yourself these questions:


     1.  What is my Message?  Maybe you don’t put your logo front and center as the main image. Maybe it’s your tagline all dolled up to catch your potential client’s eye. Strength in Numbers not only has a double meaning, but it also serves to unite the team with their fan base.

      2. What is my color story? An obvious concept, but one that is often overlooked. Claim a color or two for your brand and go with it. Use them! Use your corporate colors across all branding mechanisms to create a unified and recognized brand story.

       3. How can I tell my story? You already know the answer to this one. Promo Products. There’s a whole world of swag appropriate to your brand that will help convey your message. T shirts are only the tip of the iceberg. But what a sweet iceberg it is. 


Time to put Promo Tees on your Roster After seeing the impact a simple t-shirt can have on your marketing program, you are no doubt chomping at the bit to get your logo (or tagline) all set up on tee shirts for your fan base. IBD can help. Your Swag Coaches have thousands of t-shirts for you to choose from - in all colors, all styles and all sizes. From petite to tall - we've got it all.

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One Last Thing For you tee shirt geeks out there, here's fun little video on just how a promo tee shirt is made. Check it out: 




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