The Color of Money

To Be Honest When you get right down to it, Swag is all about generating more business. And if I'm being completely honest, increased revenue for said business. You, dear customer, buy swag for your employees and clients with the sole  purpose of generating brand awareness, warm fuzzies and more clients knocking on your door. The whole point of that brand awareness is more money in your pocket. 

Every Single Day Let's file this post in the "You Learn Something New Every Day" file. Just today, a handy little article* regarding the role of color choice in marketing came across Swag Maven's desk. In it she learned what the marketing kids and graphic designers have known all along - color has a major role in any and all branding and marketing efforts you make. 

It's like this you see, there are certain colors that evoke and stir one's emotions. It's those emotions friend, that create a connection to brand and that sought-after perception of product relevance; thus instigating what we're all after - the purchase of product and services.

True Colors Now that you have the gist of how this works, I'm going to run you through 10 key colors that provoke positive, energizing emotions in consumers. I'll show you some sweet swag options to carry out the idea, but remember we don't have to hit our clients over the head with color; a little sublte touch can do the trick. Or as we like to say around here, less IS more.

Red It's no surprise that red is the color of power. Just ask Target. Why does it work? Not only does it grab people's attention but red has a remarkable ability to hold one's attention. Tip: Use it, but don't overdo it!


Hydrate Golf Kit

Blue Looking to convey feelings of trust and coolness and loyalty? Blue is the color to interject into your branding initiative. True Blue, pal. True blue.

Pink This one kind of pains Swag Maven to even utter here, but when you want to bring in the female demographic, pink is the hue for you. Even after all these years of feminism you can't go wrong with pink. It evokes frilly and feminimity like no other color in the palate.

Camo Beanie Cap


Yellow Want to exude confidence in your product? Hit 'em with a shot of yellow - another powerful color. It will definitely command your audience's attention - but easy there big guy. A little yellow goes a long way and too much of the bright stuff turns off the audience in a hot hurry.

Green One of Swag Maven's favorites. Versatile, warm, inviting. What is not to love about green? It evokes, wealth, wellness and good will. The Feng Shui gurus will tell you to wear a little green when you want to attract money into your life. Well, it is the color of money after all. At least in the US of A.

Cutter & Buck Money Clip Card Case


Purple How about we add a touch of elegance to your marketing campaign? I'm thinking a little prestige could be a welcome note by adding the color of royalty - purple.

Gold Also in the prestigious category is gold. Purple can't even come close to matching the elegance of Gold. But when you put the two together. Wow. You can also match gold with green to symbolize abundance and pedgree.

Sleek Aluminum Power Bank


Orange I won't say it, but you  know what I'm thinking - Orange is taking over from black in the go-to color of style. Don't you just love a little splash of orange now and then? Turns out on-trend orange the a hip and cool darling of the color wheel that grabs attention and lets customers know they are dealing with a cutting-edge company.

Brown What? Does brown actually belong in this list? You bet it does. Ever see a cream colored logo on a brown tee - all vintage? Sweet Swag! All comfy and cozy - brown brings a little ease into the life of those who wear it.

Black For impact, power and drama - lets use a backdrop of black for your swag. No other color is more versatile amd dramatic. Whatever mood you want to cast - black is there for you friend.  


Now That You Know With this compelling info, don't you think it's time to jazz up your branding and bring in some new, colorful swag?  You know what to do - get in touch with your swag coach right away.

Swag Maven Tip # 6. A color doesn't have to be a part of your main logo to be a part of your brand guidelines. Contrast can go a long way to set off your logo. Changing up that contrast color once in awhile can keep things nice and fresh.


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*Thanks to Brian Morris and his article,10 Colors That Increase Sales, and Why