Tees on Top - 5 Reasons Why


True Confession Hello, my name is Swag Maven and I wear Tee Shirts. All the time. No really - next to a great pair of sneakers, a simple tee is Swag Maven's favorite wardrobe piece.  Big fan. There's nothing quite like a soft ring spun cotton tee and a comfy pair of jeans to romp around the city in. At the office? No problem, add a touch of poly for a dressier tee to layer with a sweater or accessorize for a more, ahem, professional look. And yes dear reader, many of Swag Maven's tee-shirts have a little logo action going on.  You might be surprised to know that Swag Maven likes to roll with a more discreet logo placement - that's cool. But when it comes to tees one can go big and bold or real nice and subtle. It's up to you, friend. 

What's in Your Closet? Quick - name the oldest piece of promotional merch you have floating around your house right now.  I'm betting that you, like Mr. Swag Maven, still have your very first concert tee from way back in the day. Whether that day was last summer or, uh, last summer 30 years ago, you'll hang on to that tee for years to come and cherish it always. In the Mr.'s case, that first tee and a few others - including one from the 1984 Olympics - have moved from mom's house, to bachelor pad and right into well ... you get the idea. Point is, a tee shirt has staying power. For that and so many reasons, a great shirt is often the first thing marketing managers ask for when putting together their swag and premium packages; longevity is just one of those reasons. Read on for a few more reasons.


Top Five Reason Tees Are on Top 


1. On Trend - Often considered by many to be a current fashion statement, tee shirts are available in more than one style. Sure, we can set you up in a good old-fashioned, solid-colored concert style tee - but our top sellers are now inspired by retail brands. How about for your next order you try out one of the current hot sellers? We're talking heathered and blended fabrics here. Comfort and style all in one place.

2. Versatilty - Whether you are outfitting the crew for the field, or dressing the the team at headquarters - we have a style and shape that everyone will want to wear. Crew-neck, v-neck, dri-fit, ringer and baseball tees - yes! Loose, fitted, men's, women's, performance- it's all available. Cotton, poly or blended - it's yours. Antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, snag resistant - we've got those too. Many an order that ships out from the IBD Headquarters - have a couple different styles of t-shirt represented; something for everybody. All with your logo. And like I said before, big and bold - or nice and subtle.

3. Comfort - Let's face it, if the swag isn't comfortable, nobody will want to wear it. That's the beauty of this tried-and-true promotional product - the more the end-user wants to wear it, the more they will wear it. Which makes the tee-shirt such a great addition to your client's wardrobe, a comfortable that gets worn out in the world. Advertising for you, natch. 

4. The Experience Option - Consider tying your t-shirt to an event or experience. That sentimental connection will keep your logo in the line-up for years to come. No event on the horizon? No problem, we can help give your logo an 'event-like' look that both your crew and clients will wear with pride.

5. Inexpensive - Tee shirts offer a low cost, powerhouse option to add to your swag or uniform program; one that will be worn for years to come. Divide that minimal cost by number of times worn per year and you come up with the a low cost per impression making for a great add to your program. Divide that cost by the number of brand impressions garnered each and everytime that shirt gets worn to the grocery store, gym or mall and you've got advertising for pennies on the dollar. What more can we say?

 If you're looking for the best value, highest impact swag - look no further than the promo tee.


Extra -Extra! Needless to say, we want you to see you, your team and your clients wearing a tee you love and represents your brand.  How about we help you out a bit and give you a few extra on your next order? Get in touch with your Swag Coach to place a brand new order of T-shirts and get in on the Extra-Extra promo we're offering through the end of the month.

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