You're Coming, Right?


T-Minus 7 Days One week from today. That's when it all goes down. Swagapalooza 2015.Yeah, yeah - I've talked about it before, but keep reading - there are  a couple of special offers for Swag Maven's blog friends (read and scroll, baby - read and scroll).

Your Swag Coaches couldn't be more excited to welcome you to The Swedish Club next Thursday - October 15th - for an afternoon of food, drink and best of all - SWAG! 

Show Me the Swag That's right - we're bringing in a ton of suppliers - our favorties actually. They in turn, are bringing the goods. We'll have the guys who represent Stormtech  - they'll bring lots of outerwear to show you and some nifty layering pieces too.

Tom who represents Ogio, Nike, Port Authority, District, Red House and Corner Stone, to name a few will be there for sure. You can check out all his great lines right here. He will be front and center showing you styles and options for everybody on your list; from the maintenance crew to the front office - Tom can hook you up.

Want to work with someone on the cutting edge of fashion trends? Step right up and say "Hey" to Carina. Representing lines like Marmot, Alo, Alternative and Devon and Jones, Girl has it goin' on. With a fashion pedigree -she gradutated from the Fashion and Design institute don't you know - Swag Maven always looks to Carina for ways to bridge corporate-wear with fashion trends. Take a look at her lines, right here.


Swag Maven's Favorite Shirt.

Yes! You can have this very amazing, on-trend shirt in your promo program too.

And of course, you'll get to meet Rob from Cutter & Buck. He will bring the latest in golf wear, premium resortwear  and office apparel; all of which you can brand with your logo. Right? Right.

Hey, Here's a True Story. Last year, Rob's boss -  none other than the president of Cutter & Buck, had heard such fabulous reviews of our show,  he decided to join us for a look-see. I'm not saying he snuck in or anything, but none of us knew he was coming. Swag Maven and a couple of the coaches had never met boss-man before and had no idea whom were chatting up (you know, just to be social and all). Dude was as friendly as could be, and spent  a good deal of time chatting US up about the Cutter & Buck values and upcoming trends. We thought we were talking to a brand manager or something. Next day, we learned it was the president!  I guess the fact that he had just returned from overseas and was all pumped up about the new releases should have tipped us off. My point here? If the guy who runs one of our best lines finds it worthwhile to come to Swagapalooza - I know you will too.

Options, Options, Options Not looking to outfit the crew this year, not to worry we've got a ton of other options for you to peruse. Julie from ETS will be there representing some of the best drinkware in the industry. The stuff you know you want sitting on yours and your client's desk.



You know you want one. We bet your clients do too.


How about some sweets for your sweet crew and clients? Kate will be showing Maple Ridge Farms  Um guys, this stuff is delicious. Not your average corporate chocolate giveaway. Your clients will be delighted to receive a box of chocolates from MRF - and guess what? We can put your logo on it!  Be sure to help yourself to one of the chocolate covered pretzels. You'll find those on the high boys. Take it from me - yum.

You know it's going be good. It will be even better when we put your logo on it!

Looking for a little sweet something to tuck inside the stockings this year? Stop by the Admints table. Daniel can show you options for putting your favorite candy in a sweet little reusable tin or a customized box - sporting your brand of course. Don't forget to ask Daniel about his fantastic beeswax lip balms - they are every bit as good as those $4 versions you get from the drugstore. That's right - we can logoize lipbalm too.


With a little help from your Swag Coach, you too can have this sweet little tin in your marketing program.

Gifts Galore Hey listen, you know the holiday season is fast approaching . Why not let us do the work for you?  With your logo, natch. 2015 is looking like a fabulous year for  corporate gift giving. Every one of our suppliers has stepped up their game when it comes to providing desireable gifts with huge perceived value. You'll find of couple of great catalogues in the swag bag you get to take home, but be sure to check out what our reps are showing.

You'll never have such a great opportunity to see and touch and hold all of the marvelous gift options that are out there. Louise from Logomark brings not only great gift ideas but product knowledge and ideation that will inspire you to get those gifts on order post haste.  Stop by Nicole from Primeline's table too. The name says it all - Prime Stuff here: form, function and fun. When it comes to quality on a budget we turn to Amanda from Hit Promo. Yep, she'll be at the show too my friend.


Gift Sets? We've got 'em!


Raffle As if walking around looking at all the great promotional opportunities with a glass of wine or microbrew in your hand wasn't enough - we've got drawings too. All the reps are bringing something special to gift to you. Come early, sign in at the door and get entered in the drawing.Then, keep your ears open and listen for your name to be called. Um, last year one of our attendees received a real nice quarter zip from Cutter & Buck with the logo of that team that Russell Wilson plays for. Pay attention friends - the gifts are good.

Best Swag Bag Evah! No really, this year's bag is packed full of great stuff from our favorite vendors. Each one of the cool kids mentioned above has contributed something great to give you. But you gotta be there to get one. 

Special Offer Number One Swag Maven knows that IBD customers and blog readers are spread throughout the country and that coming to our event may not be possible. So here's a deal we have for you. Go right here to our Facebook Page and Like us friend, Like us! Take a step further, Share our page with the hashtag #ibdswagalpalooza2015 and we'll enter you in a drawing for one of 12 (a special number to us here in Seattle) Swag Bags. If you win, brace yourself for awesomeness.

Special Offer Number Two Not on the guest list yet, but still want to attend? No problem, send Swag Maven an email at so she can hook you up with an invite. Readers who register this way will be entered in their very own "Loyal Blog Reader's" drawing. Send that email pal, get on the list and get in the drawing.

The Deets 

What: IBD's Swagapalooza 2015, a swag and food/wine/beer extravaganza.

When: Thursday, October 15th  -  3:00 to 6:00 PM 

Where: The Swedish Club - 1920 Dexter Ave North - Seattle - 98109

Who: YOU - and two or three of your colleagues.

How: Send an email to

See you on the 15th!