Treat Them Right

Here come the Holidays  With Halloween in the rear-view mirror and just a few treats lingering in the candy bowl at  Swag Headquarters, you just know Swag Maven and all the Swag Coaches are busy. Busy assisting their clients rounding out those Q4 budgets and grabbing just the right gifts for their employees and clients.

Even though November is well underway, it is not too late to place your holiday giving orders and take delivery in time for that swell party you are planning for the team. Not to mention, the client gifts you'll want to bestow. To help you out with that Holiday buy, Swag Maven will spend the coming weeks highlighting our most popular gifts. She’ll cover everything from Chocolate to Tech Favorites and and all that swag in between. First Up –  Treats. Who doesn't love to receive a nice little nibble in their stocking?



Salted Carmed Truffles? Sign me up!                   



Chocolate   In the old days, the choices were few and the quality was nothing to write home about. But as food becomes an increasing focal point of our culture, and words like Foodie and Gourmondo have entered our lexicon, the promotional market has stepped up its game to follow that trend. As such, we can now offer gourmet favorites, brand names and even tasty, molded chocolate icons to match your industry.



Name your market, we've got it - and if we don't - we'll make it!


Oh Nuts!  Maybe you’d like to treat your clients to something with a more nutritional focus.  Sure, we can manage that. Of course! We’ve got those fancy towers of gift boxes  - you know like the  kind you get at Harry & David – only ours will have your logo on it! Naturally. Want to tone it down a bit, no problem we get it – sometimes, less is more. Be sure to check out the single serve options below – talk about great packaging and branding.





Yes, Chocolate covered anything is totally healthy. 



Drink it up! Looking for something really special? Who doesn’t love a great mug or tumbler? Now, pair that with a nice tea, coffee or your favorite candy and bam! You’ve got a gift that will be around for years to come.


 Add some Zen to your Holiday Give. You're Welcome. 



Fab Mug + Fab Chocolate  = Fab Gift



Savory for the Savory – Still not seeing what you’re looking for? How about something to Pop your promos? Popcorn anyone?  This stalwart of office gifting can be yours for a song, and yes, we can put your logo on it – or a message of gratitude. Whatever you like. And, what about that great packaging? Nice. Was your sales team on fire this year? How about Siracha? With your logo on it. #justsayin'


Branding that Pops.



You too, can thank your team for delivering the high heat! 


Sweeten the Deal  At IBD we love the gift of food so much that we want to sweeten offerings with a special little promo just for  you. Place your new order for a Delicious Gift before the Thanksgiving Holiday and we’ll give you a sweet discount on the set up- as in free. That’s right, one free screen set up – on us!

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