Save The Date!

You're Invited Here at IBD, we're all atwitter about our upcoming Swag Fest. As we have every year for the last three, we are throwing a party. Not just any old party, we're having an all-out Swagapalooza! And you dear reader, are invited.

Oh sure, you've been to other end user shows. But the IBD Swagapalooza is different from those. How does Swag Maven know this? She's got informants. Both clients and vendors alike gush year after year that our swag party is a blast and better than all the rest. 

Here's How it Goes Client's, like you friend, come on down to our swanky new venue near Downtown Seattle - with loads of offstreet parking of course. We'll greet you at the door, hook you up with a name tag and send you straightaway to the bar for a glass of wine, beer or heck, even water if that's the way you want to go. You're the guest of honor so have it your way.

Next, you get to wander around the room and chat-up our top-tier vendors who, with you in mind, will bring not only their hot sellers, but all the newest swag too. Plus lots of ideas to get you in the mood for the upcoming holiday season and the ensuing corportate gifting. Do I need to say it? This is way better than thumbing through catalogue after catalogue and website after website - trust me.

Foodies at Heart Did you know that each and every one of your Swag Coaches is a foodie at heart? It's true - and that's why this year we've hired a first class caterer to keep you sup'd while browzing the goods. Among other things, we'll pass around plates of  Polenta Crostini, Thai Chicken Satay, Bacon Wrapped Scallops - Bacon! Not to mention the Chicken Quesadilla Cone - In a cone? Oh yeah - we've added desert this year, so be sure and stick around for a sweet treat near the end. And of course, you barely have to lift a finger - we've got servers who will keep your plate full of scrumptious little snacks all afternoon.

Networking Too No need to fly solo to this swag fest - bring an officemate or two. How about your contempory at one of your partner companies? They are welcome too. As we always say - the more the merrier. (Of course, we're usually talking about lanyards or branded mugs - but you get the idea). Speaking of networking, many of our clients that attend Swagapalooza parlay the event into an extended gig by going out afterwards with said co-workers and colleagues. Fun!

Swag Bag Extroidinaire Hashtag:Swag you Want to Wear. In addition to all of the above - we're gonna send you home with a real sweet swag bag. This isn't some paper tote bag with a water bottle and a bunch of catalogues (though there will be some of those). Our swag bag is filled to the brim with useful and cool promo items that you will want to order for your team and clients.

As in year's past we're gathering some great ideas for you and putting them all in a sweet tote bag. This year we're stepping it up and putting a theme on that bag. Without disclosing too much, I'll just say we're very inspired by the neighborhood NFL team who has done real well for themselves and pave the way in awesome swag.

What Are You Waiting For? Get on the mailing list. All you need to do is send a quick little email to with "Swag Fest" (or something to that effect) in the subject line and we'll hook you up with an invite and all the deets.

Save the Date Baby! October 15, 2015 3-6pm See you then!


Swag Maven Tip # 7: The team that parties together is more productive together. Gather a group of your mates and come to Swagapalooza 2015!