The Hatching of Great Swag

 The Hatching of a Great Swag Program

Behind every great company is a great idea and, if you really want to amp up your marketing program - you need great swag. This week Swag Maven will show you what happened when an IBD swag coach got involved with a rockstar startup to get them hooked up with great swag.

Meet Robin Not too long ago two busy fathers hatched a great idea for a great company. Justin Crandall and Bart Lomont decided that they would rather spend their weekends having fun with their active families rather than tending to yard work. What followed is the story of how a simple notion to schedule weekly yard care was frought with frustration and how that frustration was parlayed into a great idea and the creation of a new business endeavor. 

In their words from the Robin website:

"...Robin is a response to our own frustrations with finding and managing quality lawncare providers. After tiring of playing phone tag with an unresponsive lawncare provider, and then struggling to find a new vendor, we realized there had to be a better way. Along with our partners at Dialexa Labs, we built Robin to be the service we and our busy families value--one that makes it easy to get a quote without a contract, to schedule and reschedule appointments online, and to pay automatically, all with providers we trust."


Utilizing proprietory technology to quote and schedule the work, Swag Maven likes to think of Robin as Uber for Lawn Care: An essential service that comes only when you need it and only when you say - and - at a sweet price. What more could you want?

So glad you asked, read on. 

Great Idea + Great Swag = Happy Customers (and Crew) Once they got the wheels rolling on the lawn mowers, Robin was ready to expand their clientele with a formal launch. Seeking a more tangible way to get the word out, Robin's Marketing Manager, Elizabeth Whitelaw, got in touch with IBD Swag Coach Cayce Biggerstaff to dial up some great promo items for the the big launch. 



Bring on the Kit For this launch, Elizabeth's team was looking for a significant pop from their swag. Naturally, t-shirts were high on their list to distribute to their contractors and others. Swag Maven doesn't have to tell you what a smart move it is to have your crew wearing your brand when they're out in the field (can you say "Mini Billboards?")

But when it came to introducing their brand to the public and acquiring customers, Robin wanted something unforgettable. Cue the Kit. Elizabeth asked, "Is this something IBD do for us?" Of course it is! Straightaway, Cayce got busy and sourced not only many of the goods inside, but also that colorful box that holds all the swag. Check it out:

Big 'ol box of swag

Pinpointing your swag needs: Koozie + Power Bank

Identifying your promotional needs and carrying out your brand objective is our specialty. In this case, we've merged Robin's tech background with the fun you'll enjoy in your back yard when the work is all done for you.  

Kits Are Us  Kitting, as they say in the biz, is a value added service we provide all the time. Not only do we source all the goods, but we bundle 'em up in a great box or nifty bag of your choice (with your logo of course), carefully pack them up and ship them your way - or if you prefer, directly to your client. See how that works - we do all the work for you!

What's more, a kit can be as simple or as complex as your budget allows. One recent kit we put together was simply a coffee tumbler inserted into a great mini tote bag. We packed those all up and shipped directly to our client for distribution at their home office. Another kit we provided was a little more complex. We put this one together for the sales team. It includes a t-shirt, a leather journal, a coffee mug and a usb drive all tucked in to a sweet Lu Lu style bag. This project is stored here in our warehouse and shipped out to the sales team on demand. Both clients are getting their promo needs met and are extremely happy with the service - and the swag.

Call to Action Let's see how IBD can help you introduce kits into your advertising program. Check out our webstore here for some nifty product ideas then call up your Swag Coach today for even more ideas and a great discount on your order - Free set ups on any one item in your kit.



The Robin staff celebrating their launch and sporting those sweet koozies.