Riddle Me This


 Glen Acres Golf and Country Club 


Question  What has a charming, manor style clubhouse, oodles of parking and view of Seattle to knock the logoed socks right off your sweet little feet? 

Answer The venue for IBD’s Swag Party 2016!


Oopsie  You can’t see it, but Swag Maven is blushing right about now. Sure, you heard what a great success Swagapalooza 2015 was – lots of great promo ideas were offered, people had a great time, took home fabulous swag bags for each and every participant ... yada, yada. But there was one teensy problem. Not enough parking! #@&! Some of you couldn’t come in because there was nowhere to  set your sweet rig.

We apologize! We’re sorry and Mea Culpa!

The Solution 2016 is bringing big changes to Swagapalooza. We’re gonna move this party to the Burbs. By Burbs I mean ten minutes south of SODO, three exits south of the First Avenue South Street Bridge. Meet Glen Acres Golf and Country Club:



Just take a look at this place. With a nice big ballroom that knows how to host a party and two hundred plus parking spaces available- what’s not to love? The views are fine, the parking is plentiful and, of course you know us, the wine and brew will be flowing.

Save the Date Clear your schedule, mark your desk calendar (with your logo on it, right?), punch it up in your device, tell your boss and invite your colleagues! Swag Party of the year is going down!




See you There! Right?