Raising the Bar



Team Bonding As sure as the leaves on the trees around IBD Swag HQ are beginning to lose their lush green hues and turning to the reds and golds of autumn, Sunday mornings in our neighborhood are beginning to get colorful too. Colorful with team colors and the onset of tailgating that is. It's no secret that just outside of IBD's office door, come Sunday morning the neighborhood transforms to Seahawks Tailgating Central. And by the way, if you haven't heard tailgating is no longer a casual undertaking - everybody is doing it. Whether gathered around the big old flat screen with friends iat home or going all out and outfitting your pick-up or RV with the bbq and the cornhole game - there is always good food and drink at the ready.

What say we treat your crew to some Branded Barware for the next tailgating adventure? It's as simple as calling up your Swag Coach and saying "hey, let's do something fun for the crew this year."   What the heck, why not combine your logo with your favorite team's colors? And just like that you've created a fabulous team bonding virtual experience. Or for some good old fashioned team bonding, gather the whole crew together for game viewing. But watch out, come Monday morning said crew is gonna be sharing all those selfies from their tailgating parties and, if we play our cards right, showing off your company logo.

Flask Not What Your Crew Can Do For You... Is it just Swag Maven, or is the Flask making a comeback? This week alone, yours truly has seen not one, but three flasks pulled from hip pockets (or, in one case a fine ladies handbag) and not so secretly sipped from. True story, this Purveyor of Promo Goods has noticed an increasing availability of flasks, and all manner of barware for that matter, becoming available in the promo market for you to dole out to your crew (and clients if you like). Of course you know, we're putting your logo on it (natch).


Swag for Sipping From everlasting bar accessories to economical disposables Swag Maven and the IBD Team can put your logo on everything from the coaster to the flask for gameday and other gatherings. Check out a few of the options we've gathered for you below. Fair warning, we've only skimmed the surface here - for a more options head on over to our webstore, right here,  and drink in all the offerings. 

Coasting simple and economical  way to show off your brand. Whether for the tailgate, the bar, or the desk top, coasters are darn handy.

Coasters, L-R: Eco Board Coaster, Two in One Coaster Opener, Gorgeous Slate Coater 

(Insider secret, that sweet slate coaster will be featured in IBD Swag bags this year!)


Bottoms Up! How about a shot glass with your logo on it? Yes - we can do this! Love these: 



Turn up the Volume Looking for a heftier sip? Class up your tailgate a little, why don't you? From Moscow Mules to the Vino - we can logo that drink!




It's Hip to Have A Flask Oh yes, that pun was intended friend. We can't stop selling flasks! Such great Swag - and something for every budget and every taste:



Flask Me No Questions ... simple, rugged, classy or sparkly - we've got what you're looking for.


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