Perfect Timing

At the house of Swag Maven, we have a joke that comes up often. Every time, in fact, that I ask Mr. Swag Maven for the time of day. Unfailingly, he or one of the little swag-lets will blurt out, wait for it ...

"Time for you to get a watch" (insert rimshot here).

Timeless  All jokes aside, watches continue to be a go-to gift for many of our clients. They never go out of style.  With exciting technical innovations and constant styling updates, the ability to capture your corporate personal expression of style while providing  functional and useful swag, keeps watches at the top of the promotional ladder. Just like retail, the promo market is filled with options from casual to dressy watches -  and in any price range you desire.


Reward and Motivate  How about we put your logo on this little cutie and present them to the crew at the company picnic?



Want to step it up a bit and honor one of your best for a job well done? Try this Platoon Watch from Swiss Army. We have this model as part of an incentive program (more about those next week) with one of our best clients. What's really unique about putting watches in your promo goods aresenal, is that unlike most swag items, we can run a one-off watch order for you. So when an employee at Company X achieves a milestone in length of Service. Bam - HR orders up a watch. With Company X's logo on the face and long time employee's name engraved on the back of course. 


Keeping Track Our options don't stop at the traditional watch. Swag world is oh-so-current on the all the lateset trends, including the exploding field of Health and Fitness Trackers. These would fit in great with your corporate fitness agenda as well as your standard reward program. (Note to Swag Boss: IBD Swag Coaches would be so much more productive if sporting something for our health).

Want to add fitbit products to your program? You got it! 


Looking for something hip and sought-after to add to your corporate fitness agenda? Check out this great option from one of our great swag partners. Not only does it come in that nifty gift box you see below, but it  monitors all the fitness markers: calories burned, activity druation, steps, distance, sleep quality and heart rate too. I know what you're thinking: "But Swag Maven, can I put my logo on it?" Of course you can Dear Reader, would I let you down?


Active Health Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor - including that sweet gift box - can be yours for around $100. That is quality swag my friend. 

Time Flies When You're Having Fun  One of the best features of putting a watch into your swag program, is that a watch has the potential to be worn daily. Everyday people! I can't even begin to count the number of  logo impressions that  even just one watch will garner you. What are you waiting for?  Time Marches On my friend, time for you to pick up the phone call your swag coach.


Swag Maven Tip No. 5: It is not too early to plan (and order) Christmas gifts. Ahem, hint hint.