Do Pencil Us In



Busy - Busy  Hey, Swag Maven here. We know, we get it -you're busy! Us too! So we'll just take a quick sec of your time to invite you to add Incentives by Design to your calendar -  for a swell party coming up this October 20th.

That's right - we're doing it again. Throwing another great party to show off the best new Promo items and let you schmooze with our favorite suppliers. Oh yeah - they've got the goods - and, they're bringing those goods with them to the party. While we're treating you to superb snacks and all the good beverages, our top tier vendors will be showing you what's new for 2017 and helping you get that head start on your holiday client and crew gifts.


Swag Bags For Days: Last year's epic 12 Bags


Swag Bags! Yes Sir - another great bag will be all yours - just for coming to our party. And yes, we're going top-shelf with these too. Can't wait for you to see all the great swag we're stuffing these with this year. 


Glen Acres Golf & Country Club. Swanky, Right?


New Location Swag Boss is kicking it up a notch and putting this party on the top shelf. We're taking over the Skyline Room at Glen Acres Golf Course. Just check out that view? Nice, right? Might want to enjoy that now, because you'll be so darn busy networking and looking at all the great swag, you may not even have time to look out the window. Told ya, we're bringing the goods.


P A R K I N G  We've got it. We PROMISE! Dare I mention last year's kerfuffle in which a few of you fab clients couldn't  find parking? Oh man, Swag Boss was fumin' mad - and all the Coaches were right with him. So straightaway, we went back to Swag HQ and began looking for a spot that would not only serve as a great party spot, but also have plenty of space to park your ride - while you enjoy the event, natch.



Don't Even Worry About It - We'll fit you in somewhere


Signing Off - Swag Maven's going to let you get on with your busy week - but take a minute to add us to your Google Calendar or Apple BLANK, won't you? Or, if you like to rock it old school, like me - take out a pencil right now and put the date on your calendar pal!

Questions? Get in touch. So many ways to do so:

Call Swag HQ - 206.623.4310

Email your Swag Coach or Customer Service -

And of course, you can always find up dates from IBD on our Social pages. You're a Liker and Follower, right?