Gold Medal Swag




Who's Watching? Is it just Swag Maven, or is anybody else staying up late to watch the Rio 2016 Olympics? Night after night, as each individual story of the road to Olympic Glory unfolds the Maven is compelled to keep watching. Watching until the very end of the evening's broadcast - as in, there is a new date on the calendar. "I can sleep some other time" she tells Swag Boss when she stumbles into the office the next morning with deep, dark circles under eyes. 



Inspired For sure. Those who know Swag Maven, know she's no athlete. In fact, she rarely plays sport - but every four years when the summer Olympics take the stage, our lady of swag is inspired big time and begins to dream of being a sprinter, or a world class swimmer - or who knows maybe she could limber up and try her hand at gymnastics. The other sports look fun too. How about archery or fencing?  I mean really now - what is there to knocking an arrow, drawing a bow and watching those fletchings fly through the air and hitting the target? 

Form that Team! Maybe you're inspired too and are finally ready to gather your office mates and form that epic softball team - or heck, why not Water Polo? Here at IBD - we say " Do it - Form that team! "

And of course you know, when it comes to outfitting that team - we've got you covered. It's a little-known fact, but true enough, we've out fitted hundreds of corporate teams. From kickball to soccer to lacrosse, we know the ins and outs of putting together  a sweet team uni that will give your crew that extra swagger they need when they take the field - or court as the case may be.


Ready, Set, Go! Get in Touch with your Swag Coach - and let us help you get your team qualified to fulfill their own Olympic Glory.