Oh, That Fan Wear


Just another day at the office: Seahawks Legion of Boom



Let’s Go! Just like our beloved Legion of Boom - Swag Maven, the Swag Coaches and practically all of Seattle is pumped for this NFL season. You see, in Seattle – after a long dry spell in which the Seahawks failed to appear in post-season play, the Hawks have brought home the wins and secured playoff berths in each of the last four seasons. Don’t want to brag here, but two of those years we made it all the way to the Super Bowl; the boys even brought home the coveted Lombardi in 2013.

Last season’s shocking failure to appear in the big game is not something we really like to discuss here in the Northwest, but let’s just say that the commencement of this season comes with a little extra excitement. With a re-tooled O-line and the return of the Defense - we believe. That’s right, We believe.

What to Wear, What to Wear  When you combine the execution, the wins and the team personalities, it all adds up to one big love-fest here in Seattle. From Coach Carroll to Doug Baldwin – we love our Hawks. If Swag Maven had a dollar for every time she saw a fan sporting their favorite player’s jersey, she’d be a wealthy woman.

Naturally, her thoughts have turned to the Swag aspect of the game. Wearing your Team Swag on Blue Fridays has become an essential component of casual Friday at the offices of IBD Headquarters - and all over the Northwest for that matter. From our Tech customers to our construction clients, your Swag Coaches are putting together winning combinations creating good cheer and swag that everyone wants to wear; and not just at the office, friend. 


How to Outfit the Team? It’s simple really. We take your logo, add it to the best and stylish wearables available in your favorite team’s colors (ahem - it’s the Hawks, right?) and just like that you’ve got Team Swag for your crew. And just you watch – even your clients will want to get their hands on the goods and flaunt your brand at the next tailgate.

We’ve Got You Covered  Just like Richard Sherman's pass defense, we’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of our favorites – from Head to Toe


Gotta keep the team warm: Beanies in all manor of stripes - just like your favorite pro team.



Who says a jersey can't be stylish? Now picture it with your logo!



Spirited Warmth from FiveLo - add your logo natch!



 Touchdown! Want to score big with your team? Get in touch with your Swag Coach and we'll show you how!


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