Now is the Time

Time is on Your Side Can Swag Maven take a minute to talk about something timely? For well over a century, businesses like yours, have been rewarding top-performing individuals, teams and seasoned employees with significant and meaningful gifts to highlight and celebrate their achievements, and in some cases, longevity.

Plaques, crystal bowls and even exotic vacations are among the top premium incentives that have withstood the test of time. And of course, the classic wristwatch ranks right up there with ubiquitous employee rewards. It wasn’t so long ago that the proverbial gold watch was among the coveted gifts bestowed at the end of a 30-year stint with one company.

And for good reason too. When you gift an employee or top-tier-partner a wristwatch, you give so much more than a static gift that will grace one’s credenza or wall of fame – you give the gift of useful swag.



We're not kidding, we've got the good stuff here.


And that’s exactly why Swag Maven wholeheartedly endorses adding a wrist watch to your Premium and Incentive Programs. Everybody can use a watch; from warehouse workers to upper management.  No matter that we’re all carrying smart phones and other digital devices offering time-keeping options, there is nothing quite so handy as a timepiece right there at the ready providing valuable information with a mere flick of the wrist. Added bonus?  You don’t have to put a watch on Airplane or Silent Mode when you take a meeting with your team or client.


Yes, Something for the entire time. We're pretty sure we can accomdate your brand colors too!

Function Meets Form There’s another reason watches have withstood the test of time. Did you know that as fashion trends come and go and evolve, timepiece designers are staying right on trend and turning out not only functional timekeepers, but fashionable status statements as well? That’s right, with a watch you give the gift of both style and function that all your recipients can appreciate.

What’s more, and this where your IBD Swag Coaches get really excited, we can put a logo on that timepiece. But you knew that already, right? Did you also know that we can also personalize each and every watch? Sure we can. Right around back, we’ll add a name, commemorative date, or special message – and in some cases, all of the above.


Giving a watch doesn't have to break the ban either - these styles are yours for a song.


Now is the Time Time to start planning how you can fit watches into your promotional program that is. Your Swag Coach will help you determine the best selections & styles for all the various teams you work with so that each watch is the perfect fit and the perfect gift. We’ll also show you how you easy it is to incorporate watches into your Holiday gifting plans - whether for just the top echelon or for the entire company.

Uh-huh - we've got these too.


From budget friendly to the sky is the limit – Incentives by Design swag coaches now have the resources to help you select just the right style that will complement your both brand and your budget. Why don't you take a minute out of your busy schedule and see how we can help you?


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