Now THAT's a Swag Bag





We could also file this post under: Best. Consolation. Prize. Evah! 

Fans of the movie biz and pop-culture have no doubt been reading about the fabulous Swag Bags given to celebrities at this year’s Academy Awards Ceremony held at the Dolby Theater on Hollywood Boulevard last Sunday. We’ve heard rumors that the value of these bags is  right around 168K. Reports in Vanity Fair* and other publications hint that, “we are not making this up.”

 Side Note: Did you know – these Swag Bags were just for those nominees who did not take home an Oscar? The losers? (Before you send an angry Tweet, I know, I know – “it’s a Win just to be nominated”).

True story     Oscars host, Neal Patrick Harris (@actullyNPH) and the 20 nominees in the top categories who didn’t win had the option of stopping by the “gifting suite,” (I know, don’t you want?) for a celebratory glass of champagne and picking up the sought-after bag. Reportedly, the bags contained everything from extravagant trips to a $4.00 bag of gluten-free popcorn – vegan of course.

This select group of lucky movie stars also received a one-year Audi rental, custom jewelry, signed original art, designer shoes, Slow Watches, spa retreats and my personal favorite – an in home horoscope consultation with Olessia Kantor of Enigma Life. All total, 75 gifts. But hey, who’s counting?

Celebrity Swag Bag Got Nothing on Us     Here at IBD, we wanted to take a peek inside those bags and see how we could measure up. In other words – If called upon, could we put together something equally Swaggy? I think you know the answer:  Of course we can! Mostly.

Top prizes in the bag included various trips - a luxurious rail excursion through the Canadian Rockies, a nine-night stay at a Four Diamond hotel in Tuscany and, what you know every Star needs – a Glamping expedition valued at $12,000. For the trips and such, we say – call your travel agent. But for swag bags and other perks you want to bestow upon your clients and employees – call us – we’ve got you covered!  

Make an Experience     Last fall, one of our top clients took their management team to Mexico. Said client  handled all the travel arrangements and activity details, but when it came time to treat the team to a little awesome swag, they called upon us. What did we come up with? No less than a custom fitting event with Maui Jim Sunglasses – right there the resort. Each and every manager got a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses – for keeps -Right then and there people! 

Sunglasses don’t float your boat? With brands like Bose, Bulova, Tumi and Zeal on board we can help you design a great experience wherever your tastes lie. Oh, and did I mention,  all this swag will have your logo on it?

Hold on There Cowboy, I’m on a Budget.    Not to worry – we have swag bag ideas for every budget and for every theme.  Another great client of ours took a group to Hawaii this past January. Upon check-in, each guest was given a cinch pack containing two beach towels and sunscreen. Could there be more perfect and useful swag?  And the beauty of it? Each and every item had our client’s logo and a tagline commemorating the event. Nice.

A current project in-house is two-fold. This particular client needs an appreciation gift for clients who visit their studios to tape an interview - as well as a swag bag for participants at an annual upscale retreat. The solution?  At the studios, interviewees are given a fancy, logoed of course, paper tote containing a t-shirt, cap, mug and cellphone wallets among other things. These bags are kept on hand for use throughout the year.

The retreat participants get all of the above, plus a jotter, binder, water bottle and PowerStick charger all packaged in an Ogio backpack. Yep, you guessed it; every bit of it has our client’s logo on it.  

Mug + Candy = Awesome, Affordable Swag.

Another gift we put together for a local consulting company featured a classic bistro-style mug with client’s two-color logo adorned across the front. Each of these sweet mugs held a bag of Seattle Chocolates, and was all packaged up in a nice white gift box.  Got a little more spend in that budget? Let’s tie this one up with custom ribbon – your logo my dear.  Love it!


Win – Win Whether you want to send your employees and clients home with the big prize or just a little something to shower them with swag love – the Swag Coaches at IBD can make it happen. From experiences to mugs – we can help you make an impression that will last long after that last sip of champagne.


*To read about the contents of the 2015 Oscars Swag Bag in it's entirety go here: Vanity Fair