More Potables

Last week, Swag Maven chatted with you about the uber-popular Moscow Mule cocktail and more importantly, how we can put your logo right on those iconic copper mugs so you can share them with your clients and coworkers. Then they in turn, spread your brand with every tip of the cup. This week, Swag Maven is going to take another dip in the potent potables pond and show you how yet another pop-culture trend has migrated to the promo world.



Grandma's canning jars have exploded in popularity - and not just for canning.


Not Just for Canning  It's not just your grandma snapping up those boxes of Mason Jars at the grocery store anymore. Everywhere you look these days - at the craft store, on the pages of Pinterest, or your favorite watering hole - people are using Mason Jars to hold everything from party favors to refreshing summer coolers. Of course you know this hot trend includes your swag coaches. And you know -  we're going to put your logo on it, right?

That's right, when you head on over to our webstore right here: and type "Mason Jars" into the search engine you'll pull up nearly 50 options for ways to incorporate these nifty vessels into your branding program.

Case Study One of Swag Maven's favorite clients (well, they're all my favorite actually), a local tech affair, had recently moved into swanky new offices in the downtown corridor. To celebrate this milestone, said company threw a big old open house complete with good eats catered by local chef extraordiaire Tom Douglas, an Ice Cream Sundae Bar and, best of all, a signature cocktail.

Marketing Manager came to me and said, "Swag Maven, if only there was a way to turn this awesome drink idea into a keepsake for our partners to take home and remember us fondly."  (Well, something to that effect anyhow). The two of us put our heads together and came up with this idea:


Mixpo Mason Jar: Right there on the front - that's their icon logo. Back side of the jar got the cocktail recipe.

At the event, everywhere you looked, clients, partners and investors alike were sipping their cocktail out of these ultra-charming, minature billboards; promoting the brand with each and every sip. A few months later same client hosted a poolside event at an Industry Summit in Las Vegas and wanted to serve same cocktail. Hotel bigwigs said, "no glass at the pool please." Not to worry - we found a plastic option that appeased the hotel's legal team. Complete with tin lid and straw.

Plastic is an option too! ! Worried about poolside breakage? Ditch the glass and put your logo on BPA-Free Plastic Mason Jar. Tin lid included. 


More Ideas Not into potables? No problem; we've got lots of other ideas for you. Who doesn't love a nice cold glass of iced tea on hot summer day?  Let's keep a big supply of these in your employee breakroom, shall we? Good for some of that sweet tea or even a cup of joe. Gotta love the year 'round use, right?  Gotta put your logo on it of course.

Jackie Mason. I kid you not, this one is cleverly called the Jackie Mason


Sweet Giveaway I've said it before and I'll say it again - giving is good. Here at IBD, we just love it when we receive a gift of food from one of our partners. Check out what we can do for you with a simple Mason Jar. This one can sit on your client's desk, or right on the corporate reception desk. When visitors come in, they help themselves to a sweet treat - and your logo. Long after the candy is gone, you just know somebody is going use that jar to sip their water from.


Is your team reducing sugar intake? We can fill these jars with healthier options like pistachios, almonds or sugar-free candies.


In the Jar No matter how you fill it, incorporating a logoed Mason Jar into your branding repatoire is an affordable and fun way to build awareness of your company. You know what to do - Email (or call if that's how you roll) your Swag Coach and get some of these on order!


Swag Maven Tip # 6: Putting your logo on the front of the jar and a recipe or other message on the back is what we in the industry call, a "wrap print."  Which means just one screen and set up charge for you my friend. You might just say your getting two logo's for the price of one.