Measuring Up



Did You Know? Who knew a tape measure could be the source for so much entertainment? All this time Swag Maven thought they were just for measuring (and if we're being completely honest, branding). Day in and day out, your IBD Swag Coaches are working hard putting together orders for their swell clients, including those in the construction tradesAmong the hardhats, ANSI Wear and all those safety orange t-shirt orders we’re providing, we've also hooked our clients up with high-quality name brand tools. Among our favorites is a stong and sturdy tape measure. 

And for good reason. Very few tradespeople could operate without a good tape measure in their tool box. What could be more handy than this pocket-size measuring device you find on every building site and in every workshop. It's a simple tool engineered for convenience and accuracy.


Swag with form AND function? That’s a win.


We know your team is busy, we know they need quality tools at the ready and we surely know how important it is to have the best tools of the trade. You already know we can get you exceptional clothing brands like Carhartt and Tingley, but did you also know we have you covered on the tool front?


We've got all of the industry favorites.       



Sure we do. Want to treat your crew to the finest tools from the best brands like DeWalt, Milwaukee and Stanley?
Look no further than your Swag Team at IBD - because you know us, we're gonna put your logo on it too, so you can pop these bad boys into your branding program as well.  Just like that. Imagine the brand impressions each time somebody on your crew reaches for that sweet branded tape measure – right before your client’s eyes. 

And speaking of quality, Stanley's  Fat Max line is an award-winning option that delivers the best combination of durability, blade quality, comfort, and price. As such, it's been a go-to tape measure for us for years.


For your consideration, a digital option. Digital! Amazing, right?



Seriously, Did You Know? Believe it or not, your Swag Maven looks at everything through Swag-Tinted-Glasses; it's true, sometimes she can't see the product through the logo. In this case, she didn’t even realize all the useful and brilliant features on your everyday tape measure. Turns out tape meausres have a lot going on to ensure accurate measurements and durability.               



Keep your eyes on the tab! It's a real work horse.


Did you even know that little divot in the metal hooked tab has an actual function? Of course you did; you're way ahead of  us. But hey, take a few minutes anyhow and check out the video below. Watch as Leah from See Jane Drill teaches her subscribers about the impressive functional features of tape measures; and then be prepared to wow your friends with fun facts at your next cocktail party.





Time to Measure Up Eager to put Leah's tips into action?  Get in touch with us. Whether you are looking for a quality addition to your tool arsenal, or an nice and appreciated client gift, we can help. Contact your Swag Coach or Customer Service right here: