Make Mine a Hoodie

Fun Fact Most Friday's here at IBD you will find your Swag Maven wearing none other than a full-zip hoodie. That's right, I've taken casual Friday to a whole new level and I'm not at all ashamed by this bold move. Judge not dear reader, turns out the full zip is making a comeback. I know what you're thinking, did it ever truly leave?

Evidence of this trend can be found in a new word added to our vocabulary and hales from the fashion industry: Athleisure. Though Merriam Webster or the Online Slang Dictionary won't back me up on this, Athleisure is happening. As a newer trend in fashion, you will find it embraced by fashionistas and casual dressers alike. It's a simple concept really, take your favorite (clean please) sneakers, add some comfy pants (yoga style if you really want to live) a nice layering tee (swag coach can hook you up with these too) and top the whole thing off with your favorite hoodie. Voila! Style and comfort in one outfit.

Please, can this be my new uniform?


Get Your Swag On You guessed it, the Promotional Marketing World is hot on the heals of the athleisure trend. What, did you think Swag Maven would write about something you couldn't slap your logo on? Come on! But seriously, this is a trend we're excited about. Let's get some thread and stitch your logo to one of these:


Bam! You've got quality swag your clients and employees will wear not only on Friday, but all weekend long. Advertising dollars well spent, don't you think?

True Story Just this week we completed an order for a local IT Support provider. The techs loved their hoods so much, they asked boss-man for additional colors - guess they want to wear their swag all week long. Can you blame them? Boss-man was so impressed, he not only ordered more hoodies for the crew, but guess what? He's treating the staff of a key corporate partner to a batch of full-zips as well. See how the logo sits there on the upper left chest, all nice and subtle? Yeah, we can make it classy like that.


Make Yours a Hoodie  Whether you want your logo screen-printed or embroidered, subtle or loud and proud, your IBD Swag Coaches can get you hooked up with a great hoodie - for you, your employees and your favorite clients. Let's get comfy, shall we?