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Branding Knowhow - Five Principles That help you build a better logo 


Always Learning  Nary a day goes by at IBD that we Swag Coaches don't have an opportunity to learn something new. Be it a client asking for a Google Cardboard (uh huh, we got that done) or  a supplier showing off the newest snag proof polo, a good chunk of our work is researching product and branding techniques. Recently, Swag Maven was given a terrific little article written by Pat Sisneros, Vice President of Everett Community College. Her article, Five Principles of creating a business logo that works, caught Swag Maven's attention because it amphlifies what we always say - Your branding doesn't need to be complicated to be effective. In fact, as you saw in the video above. Less is more. 

Local Kid Makes Good  Sisneros builds her article around the gleanings from a business guy from the Pacific Northwest you may have heard of, Phil Knight. Knight's mega-corporation, Nike, was built from a simple "Crazy Idea" - import quality, low-cost running shoes from Japan and sell them here; at a profit of course. As you know, the Crazy Idea eventually panned out, but do you know the story behind that iconic Swoosh logo that we're all so familiar with?

Turns out, Knight got a little help with it's design. He took a big leap and paid a University of Portland graphic design student a whopping $35.00 for it's design. Reportedly, Knight wasn't even all that impressed with the Swoosh. He said, "Well, I don't love it, but it will grow on me." I'll say, it grew on him and the whole wide world.

The Take Away? Swag Maven knows what a challenge it can be for a business to develop effective brand and logo. The struggle is real, but there are some key take aways from the development of one of the single most recognized logos on this planet. Read on:


 1. Call in a Friend - Or as Phil Knight did, hire a local design student. The point is - get help on this critical piece when developing your brand. Trust Swag Maven here, don't do this one yourself. Bring in someone with a design background who can incorporate effective design elements with your mission. Then, just like Swag Boss did - show it around. Get input from your team and few key advisors.


2. KISP - Keep it SIMPLE Pal - Your IBD Swag coaches can testify to this - less is more when it comes to  your logo. Let's consider that Nike Swoosh. Do you even see the company name there? Nope. Do you recognize the company it belongs to? You bet you do - unless of course, you've been living under a rock for the last 30 years. The designer's idea behind the iconic swoosh? A graphic expression of the sound of speed. Nice.


Iconic - Need I say more?

3. Recognize and Represent - No doubt about it, there is a lot of visual competition out there. Let's set you up with a logo that combines the elements of simplicity and recognition. A logo that is instantly recognized and represents your brand mission. Something simple that communicates your brand and the very distilled essence of what it is your company can do for potential clients.

4. Plays Well with Others -
Our hope? That your logo will not only grace your company letterhead & invoices, but we want to see that bad boy on t-shirts, tumblers and tournament flags and all manner of swag (Don't sweat it kid, IBD got your back on this - see below).

Let's make sure your logo is versatile and will look good on anything - from tote bags to trucks.


5. This isn't Brain Surgery - Don't stress out on this! The logo creation process is not a time to flaunt your perfectionist tendancies and obsess over the final design. Chances are, like Phil Knight, you won't be absolutely thrilled with the final design anyhow. Just do the best you can with the resources you have. And remember - get the opinion of others - they can always see more clearly when it comes to something so personal.

See what we did here? I. b. D Simple but effective, right?

JUST DO THIS - At IBD our simple logo represents our Swiftness and Simplicity. At the essence of our work is our ability emblazen your on just about anything you can dream up - as simply and quickly as possible. Just call us (or email if you like) and get the Swag Coaches to help you spread your message to the world. After all, we want that nice, shiny logo of yours to garner as many impressions as possible. 

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