Invest in a (Puffy) Vest

Perfection When the leaves begin to drop from the trees and the outside temperatures head the same direction, there is nothing quite like a vest to keep the chill away while you toil away. Be it sitting at your desk or picking stock in the warehouse, an outerwear vest is just the thing to keep your warm, yet give you the freedom to move around with ease.


 Comfort & Style & Warmth. Need I say more?


Puffy Perfection Of course you know your IBD Swag Coaches can offer up a huge range of options when it comes to finding a vest for your team. You bet we can.  We can hook you up with a cozy fleece, a nice softshell to protect you from the wetter elements or even one those tricked out, hybrid sweaterknit-fleece vests we're starting to see; super cool - part sweater - part fleece. But friends, our current favorite is the on-trend Puffy Vest.


Sweaterknit and Fleece Together. Is it a sweater or is it a fleece vest? Either way - super comfy.


Softshell Vest: Clique by Cutter & Buck


Can't Get Enough Just when we think we've exhausted all the possiblilites, a long comes a new style innovation that we just have to have - and that your swag coaches want to get into your hands too - with your logo of course. What's new for 2016? For the women on your team, our suppliers are adding Swag Maven's favorite accessory - the hood. Now we can keep you and your clients warm from head to, er, waist.


Fill Me In  "Swag Maven - what exactly makes a puffy a puffy?" you ask.  Back in the day a down vest, as we fondly called them was filled with100%  goose down. The good ones that is. If you wanted the look, but not the cost or the warmth you could go with a polyfill and still have the style. We still offer premium down filled vest, but with technology on our side we can now proudly show you a polyfill that is nearly as warm as the down and sometimes even more durable.In fact, a few of our suppliers have moved completey away from down for environmental reasons but still can present a superior product:

Polyfill Gravity Thermal Vest by our friends at StormTech. Cool, right?


We Want You to Invest We believe so much in the branding power of the vest - puffy or otherwise - that we're inviting you to place an order before November 13th, 2015 of 60 units or more, to pass out to your team or favorite clients. What's in it for you? Not only will you have happy people promoting your brand, how about a free vest just for you? That's right - we'll add 1 more vest to your order at no extra charge just for you bossman. Do it! Call or email your Swag Coach, call or email our office - whatever it takes - get those vests on order!

Swag Maven Tip #11: When it comes to vests, there is a style for everybody type. Everybody looks good in a vest!