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 When you have a great idea.

8 Gazillion People Can't Be Wrong Actually, as of this writing there are more than 1.5 billion Monthy Active Users* hanging out "On The Line" on the pages of Facebook - this month and every month. About half as many are spending  time engaging with friends, relatives and even their favorite businesses on Twitter, Instagram and Google. That's a lot of people all looking to get Social - and in some cases making a huge impact on our culture in areas as diverse as social justice, breaking news and Swag Maven's favorite - branding. It's no secret or great revelation that businesses such as yours are paying attention to the growing bandwith giving way to Social Media. Incentives by Design is no different.


Staggering Statistics


Not ones to let a trend slip by, Swag Maven and the other coaches are redoubling our efforts to get social with you. That's right - IBD is hanging out Online too. You could say, we're throwing a virtual party and we want you to join us, engage with us and have a little fun with us too.

Swagin' our Own Brand Just like you dear reader, we have our own brand to build and promote. We're hoping you noticed our swanky new tagline,Swag This Way, the appearance of Yours Truly, and the fun and confidence we're bringing to the Promotional Products biz. Swag this Way is our way of conveying our mission of exceptional customer service while providing unique and exceptional swag. And we've got the exceptional Swag Coaches to prove it.


Hello My Name is Swag Maven Oh yes, I know we've met dear. Let's just take a minute to make sure you know where to find me - eh, where the party is, that is. Contrary to popular belief it is actually not the neighborhood enotecca, but right here on Facebook, and of course here, on Twitter.

Did somebody say party? That's right - when you visit IBD on our Social Feeds, you'll find a whole lot of fun and a whole lot to like. Oh sure, we'll share the best swag each week, but we'll also set you up for a laugh with a humorous video, a quick visit back here to our blog and of course great branding tips. What's more, you'll get to keep up with the the antics of the Dogs of Incentives by Design, er,  #dogsofibd. For instance, had you visited the IBD Facebook page last week, you would have stumbled upon this bit of cuteness overload:

Wrigley takes the Tesla for a spin

We'd LOVE Some Likes  There's a lot more to see in the land of Social besides cute dogs. Once in a while, we'll throw up a contest or two, so you can get your hands on a sweet bit of swag - complimentary natch; as in on the house. So what are you waiting for? Let's Connect! 
And while you're there Dear Heart - won't you take just a minute and push that old Like button on our Facebook page? On Twitter, it's the Follow button we want you to click.  Better yet, won't you take another half second and Share those posts that you like? Just between you and Me, Swag Maven is secretly hoping that pic of Wrigley will "go viral." 
Until Then - See you On the Line!



*Thanks and credit to the fine people at Adweek for the handy MAU Infographic. Credit to 20th Century Fox for the snappy scene from The Internship, originally released in 2013.