Gifts Are Us!

November 19th - Wha? How did this happen? Swag Maven wants to know how she possibly could have flipped the calendar page 10 times. Yeah, “calendar page.” Swa-Ma rocks it old-school with a sweet desk calendar Swag Boss ordered up for one of his clients. He does this order every year, like clockwork. Client's logo is available for year-round viewing don’t ‘cha know.

Rockin' it with a 2016 Calendar.Swag that gives all year long. Perfection!

But as sure as those red cups have shown up at the coffee shop across the street, those branded calendar pages are flipping at light speed and the giving season is approaching faster than you can say, “Swag Maven – get me a nice order of mugs with my logo on it – and puts some candy in it, will ya.”

Something useful for their desk. And yes, we can fill it with your favorite candy. Starting at about $13.00.

Not To Worry  Your IBD Swag Coaches got your back. There is plenty of time to put together a great gift package for your clients, your crew and anybody else you’d like to spread the swag love to. You see, it’s like this. All of Swag World wants to make your life easier, help you build your brand and make you shine. Talk about a marketing team. Like I said, We got you!

Show Me the Swag  Of course you know your swag coaches can source virtually anything you want to put your logo on – and at any budget level – but here are just a few of the thousands of ideas out there. Consider these hot options or, take a look at our web catalogue and tell us what you like. You can find that catalogue right here:IBD Awesome Web-Catalogue

Who doesn't love an ornament? Simple but festive swag. Shatter resistiant too. Yours for about $2.50ea



We call this -pen & pencil set -  Classic Swag. Twist action ballpoint pen, satin finish and sweet box all for about $12.50


Sweets for the Sweet. All your favorites - available for all budgets.



Talk Techy To Me. Want to stuff those stockings with something techy? We've got all the latest tech inovations.



Let’s do this Ensemble Style. You supply the wine, we've got the accessories covered - drinkware too, if you need it.




Premium Gifts.

Well, Swag Maven does like premium. Who doesn't? 



So, Let’s Do This  – time is on our side, but not for long. Let’s get something on order quick-like. Get in touch with your swag coach this week (or next - if need be) and let's get your gifts on order. And you know us, we’ll sweeten the deal with a little freebie. How about FREE SCREEN SET-UPS, when you mention this Blog Post to your Swag Coach.

Don’t have a swag coach? No problem. Drop us a line at and we'll put you in touch with not only an awesome swag coach, but most likely someone who is familiar with your market and target customer. True story. Combined – our Swag Coaches have provided promotional goods for more decades than Swag Maven can count on both hands – and in virtually every industry you can think of. Try us. Did I ever tell you about the time we branded shovels for a ground breaking ceremony?