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#busylittleelves Your Swag Coaches have been busy getting ready for Swagapalooza.


We Interrupt Regular Programing While the Swag Coaches and their elves prepare for our upcomimg Swagapalooza tomorrow, Swag Maven wants to take a quick minute to make sure you are connecting with Incentives By Design in all ways Social. 

Yeah, we're cool like that It's true my friend. Like all the cool kids you can now find your very own IBD on Facebook and Twitter  putting up snappy branding tips to help you pull together the best possible marketing program  - which of course includes the best swag and coolest wearbles for your team. 

We're Givers Too You'll find more than tips on our Social feeds. We've got contests too. For instance, right now if you go to our Facebook Page and Like us and Share us with the hashtag #IBDSwagapalooza2015, you'll be entered in a drawing for one of those sweet swag bags shown above. Jam packed with all #thebestswag. See what I did there?  That's one of our favorite hashtags - you can search for it on both platforms.


A Brief History New to hashtags? No worries, Swag Maven got your back. What once was the rarely used poundsign on your telephone keypad has found new life as a hip and easy way to group like-minded people with their interests by converting any group of words into a searchable link. Dang - almost like you're a programmer!  But originally this little darling got its rebirth on Twitter. Where one can only talk in phrases of 148 characters or less. That's not a whole lot of space pal. Soon some techie genius figured out that putting that slanted tic tac toe board (#) before a group of characters could signify an abreviation of sorts - or my personal favorite, something you might say under your breath. It was quite fun and entertaining game for about a nano-second before it quickly  ( I mean lightening speed baby) morphed into it's now common use of creating searchable links. Now you know, try it yourself. Head on over to one of our Social outlets and search #thebestswag. I think you'll like what you see.

So, Let's Do This - Let's Connect  What are you waiting for, go here  and  Find us and Follow us on Twitter. Then get yourself over here  on Facebook and find and like us, Find and Like, baby - Find and Like.  I'm not ashamed to say it, "We'd Love some Likes!" 

Better yet, take a half second more and Share us! 

See you on the Social - or - at Swagapalooza!