For Your Safety

Safety is Important  Swag Maven wants to get serious for a minute. Whether we’re talking about the office or the construction jobsite, employee safety is a critical component to any business plan. So important, as a matter of fact, that the Governor’s Board for Industrial Safety and Health is dedicating a whole day to it. Co-sponsored by the Washington State department of Labor and Industry, the 8th Annual Construction Safety Day will be held Wednesday May 6th in Puyallup Washington.

Incentives by Design will be there and we hope you’ll join us. The day’s agenda is jam-packed with networking opportunities and industry leaders  speaking on topics ranging from “What’s App? Smart Phones for Safety Work” to the somewhat morbid and not at all tongue and cheek, “Dumb Ways to Die” and my personal favorite, “Ladders – What Goes Up, Must Come Down – Safely.” This is a whole discussion dedicated to the proper way to select, store and most critically, use a ladder. Swag Maven knows more than a few people who could attend this class. You can find the other Topics here.

What about the Swag? Of course, there will be Swag! Your very own IBD will be on hand to display ANSI-rated safety garments & gear, safety awards and other safety related promo products. We might even have a give-away or two:

Sure, other exhibitors will be showing & demonstrating safety equipment, explaining education & training opportunities through OSHA and other esteemed centers for Workplace Safety, but do come to the IBD booth for simple ways to help boost your saftey initiative right away. Be sure and say "Hi" to Kerry and Stacy while you're there.


Let’s Talk ANSI For those in the know, I don’t need to tell you that ANSI stands for American National Safety Institute, a non-profit devoted to ensuring health and safety of consumers and worker safety too.  To that end, ANSI got together with ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association) and created a set of standards, known as ANSI Class 1, 2 & 3 that apply to High Visibility work wear; Hi-Vis, as we like to call it here at IBD.Naturally, you can contact any of our Swag Coaches for all your ANSI needs from safety vests to hoodies and hard hats. We’ve got it all; including custom screen printing  – with reflective ink and your logo of course.

Other Safety related products? We can help! Need hard hats for your team? We’ve got those -  and your logoed decal to go on said hard hat. If you’re considering eyewear for you team we’ve got Safety Glasses in all price ranges. Not to mention noise-cancelling head phones, solid work gloves, industrial flashlights and even first aid kits. Yes, we can put your logo on each and every one of these products. Not only will your crew be safe but they'll be advertising for you as well.