Magnolia Market - A Branding Case-Study from Afar



Fan Girl After a hard week of selling swag, Swag Maven likes to unwind with a few episodes of  HGTV's Fixer Upper. I mean, have you met Chip and Joanna Gaines? Cute couple, sweet story, fun remodels all add up to a binge-worthy show that millions of us can't get enough of. But best of all? There’s a swag story behind the show. Natch. Why else would your Swag Maven be so intrigued?

A Star is Born Chip and Joanna Gaines met in the lobby of her father’s auto repair shop located in their home state of Texas, where both were raised. The smitten couple were soon courting, and of course one thing led to another and just like that, along came marriage – and a business. Eh, many businesses.

At some point, there was a merging of Joanna's hobby - interior design, with Chip's professional work - home remodel, and an empire was born; they named their new business Magnolia.  Their work  and collaboration was a featured story on a design blog. That post caught the eye of HGTV producers and soon after, a highly-rated TV show was born. You know how it goes.
Somewhere along the line, they opened a little home décor boutique named, you guessed it: Magnolia. Currently, there are 4 entities in the Chip and Joanna empire – all with the Magnolia logo. Why Magnolia? When they were courting – Chip brought Joanna handpicked bouquets from the local Magnolia trees. I know, I know -  #toocutefor words.
When Your Logo Becomes its Own Brand This is where the story really gets intriguing for those of us in the promo business. In every episode, Chip, Joanna and their crews are naturally sporting Magnolia promo wear. At first, much of it was more uniform than Swag. Oh yes, your Swag Maven has actually paused an episode to figure out which polo style Chip was wearing – just so she can recommend said polo to her clients for their crew needs. But soon, the uniform look began to give way to more of a swag look. That is all about the simple, clean designs used in their logo. That logo. It sells itself – without even mentioning what the company does, their logos are on point: so stylish and intriguing that people WANT to wear the brand.  People WANT to promote the brand.
True story Swag Maven lives in the upper left hand of these United States. Magnolia is based out of Waco, Texas some 2,000 miles away. Just the other day while visiting a tiny winery on a tiny island outside of Seattle, Swag Maven spots woman wearing a Magnolia promo tee. What?? In Seattle?
Just think fo all the opportunities for Brand Impression!
Says Swag Maven: “Oh Hey, are you from Waco?”
Says Swag Wearer: “No – I’m from here.”
SM: “Oh, you watch the show then?”                            
SW: “Sometimes – I mostly just like the shirts.”
Bam! She’s promoting a show she only watches.once in awhile!  See what happened there? She paid them – to promote their brand. Your clients and crew can do it too.


Good Design + T-shirt = Great Swag  Make It Good and they will Wear It. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – if your clients and crew like the Swag, they will wear it. Not just to work, but to the grocery store, the gym – and even the winery. Not just in your hometown, but all across the country. All the while promoting your brand. And you know what that leads to, right? Impression after impression of your logo. And that pal, is advertising dollars well spent. 
Who not want to where this cap?

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