Attention All Decision Makers!

It's Official  With the second half of September in full swing, you are no doubt beginning to wrap the books on Q3, setting your sights on the all-powerful Q4 and gearing your team up to end 2016 on a high note. Among other considerations – it’s time to take a look in earnest at your advertising budget. It’s time to consider the what and how you get your corporate brand out there to bring in some of that sweet ROI.

Your IBD Swag Coaches know that when it comes to advertising, you have a plethora of choices to fulfill your advertising package. From television spots to print ads to digital marketing there are any number of ways to get put your brand in front of the consumer.

We also know that minute by minute consumers are bombarded with ads, logos and pleas for business. Swag Maven and her mighty team of Swag Coaches would like you to consider a more tangible mode of advertising – Swag.

Advertising that Lives On Whether referred to as Swag, Promotional Products, Premiums or even Employee Uniforms –  it’s all tangible and it all serves to promote your brand. The big difference between using Promo Products to promote your brand and the other modes of advertising is the real fact that distracted consumers are known to form a connection to the swag they receive from favorite businesses. Those hoodies and mugs with your logo on them? They hang on to those for years to come!

See what happened there – together with your Swag Coach you’ve created advertising that lives on. Or, Evergreen Advertising. Over and over and over again, your brand is seen by consumers and would-be clients. Talk about an ad program with staying power!

We’re Here to Help Sure, the Coaches at IBD are ready and willing to help with the nitty gritty of stocking your Swag Closet with promo goods to dole out to potential clients, outfitting your crew, or even getting your team ready for the next trade show or conference, but did you know we can help you build your brand too? That's right – we consider ourselves expert consultants and a part of your advertising team. We’re always on the lookout to hook you up with quality products that promote your brand in a relevant and tangible way. We figure a big part of our work is to help you create engagement with your end-user. We know it’s more than slapping a logo on a t-shirt – it’s about building a brand.

Just this week, Swag Coach Cayce Biggerstaff (or #swaggod as he’s known to some of his clients), is sending out a whole of truckload Welcome Kits to his client Simply Measured. You see, they are welcoming some 600 hundred of their end-users to Seattle for a big old Social Media conference.

Cayce’s contact reached out just about a month ago to start building the project. The request was to put together a memorable welcome kit of souvenirs that would be useful at both the conference and long after the final keynote. Straightaway, Cayce, sourced some unique, high-end products that will put the Simply Measured logo top of mind in a stylish and useful way. Check out the end result below.

Did we mention? We have a team to kit that bag. That’s right, these Swag Bags arrive to the conference, ready to be handed out. 


Much More to Explore The Lift kitting project just scratches the surface of what we can do for you. IBD is your go-to provider for all things promotional - from Employee Incentives to Trade Show Giveaways to Uniform Programs. Looking for a swell end of year gift for your clients? The IBD Swag Coaches are  brimming with ideas and sources – for every budget.

You’re Invited Want to see some of these ideas in action? Come to our annual Swag Fest on October 20th. The invitation says it all -  and trust your Swag Maven, you don’t want to miss this one!



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