Consider the Writing Instrument

The Original Swag Quick - name an item that you, your clients and just about everyone you know uses everyday. Swag Maven used one just now to pen out an outline for this post. Oops - gave it away. But there it is, this week we're going to talk about one of the most basic swag items you should have in your ad budget. The pen.

Rocking it Old School Back in the day, a company such as yours invested all of their promotional products budget into two key items: matchbooks (remember those?) and pens.



Pens, Pens, Pens. Back then, it was an affordable giveaway for both small businesses and large corporations alike to get their brand name into the hands of consumers. Much like a business card, pens were passed out to clients and potential clients simply listing their company name and the phone number. Then, at some future point down the road when said potential client needed a plumber  - or an attorney - he or she needed to look no further than the pen in her pocket.

Form and Function While not a lot has changed since those early days of ad sales and promo marketing, a few key improvements have evolved to give pens a huge return on your investment. For one, printing methods have improved vastly so that your pen can show your logo - in full color if you like - your phone number and,  wait for it , your website. "But Swag Maven - that's a lot of info to put on a print surface the size of a pen!"

Sure it is, but we've got technology on our side. You can have all that data in a space as small as 1 /1/2" wide by a quarter inch tall - and still read it loud and clear. The graphics on pens these days is simply amazing. Not only that, there are style choices and color options beyond compare. Got a specific look you're after? - no problem. With thousands of pen styles to choose from, we'll find you just the right instrument to compliment your branding package with style.

Did You Say ROI? Brother did I. Let's say you take a penny. Now cut that penny into 10 little pieces. One of those pieces - a tenth if you want to get technical about it - is the cost per impression of your program pen. Or pencil - if you want to roll that way. 1/10th of penny??? That is an amazing return on investment! The only other item that you can get that kind of bang for your buck is the Tote Bag. Your IBD Swag Coaches call that  #superswag.

Tech Minded I know, I know your clients and crew are all techy and use Tablets (not the paper kind) and their Smart Phones to take notes, send messages and the like. Not to worry, our suppliers have worked tirelessly to merge technology with this category line. Many of the pens that we ship out to our clients have the added advantage of a stylus - either in place of the plunger or right at the writing tip. Which makes switching modes easier than ever. Everything in one place for your note taking needs - and, more importantly -  making this product frequently used by your clients and team. Or, as we say around here, win-win!


Stylus + Pen = Love. Notice that microfiber mesh? Sweet!



Go Ahead, Pick One Out When shopping for a pen to insert into your Swag package, options abound. Your Swag Coach can show you thousands of options. Let's narrow it down, shall we.? Here are a few of the favorites among the IBD Swag Team; we're  shipping these out all the time:


The Bill Board Pen: Eyecatching icon + your logo = Bang for your buck. About $0.50ea


 Bic Wide Body: Your logo + 4 custom messages = Wow! About $2.00ea


Mardi Gras by Hub: Sleek & Stylish + a million colors =  Win! About $0.60ea


 Ballpoint Pen + Stylus + LED Light = Swag Maven's Favorite! About $2.99ea

INSERT : 5 Pen pics ... Primeline Bill Board Pen, Bic's Wide Body Message Pen, Hub Mardi Gras & Javelina and LogoMark BB3320. Will include approximate costs. Caption: Tuck one of these in your client's pocket

Order One of these Bad Boys And the set up costs are on us. That's right, we want you to get pens back into your ad program in a big way. So big that we'll pay the cost of the set up on your order. All you have to do is place a minimum quantity order for one of the pens shown in this post by November 15th and we'll pay the set up. Go ahead - call your swag coach. Don't have a Swag Coach? No problem - get in touch - we'll hook you up with a bona fide Swag Pro just like that.

Swag Maven Tip #10: We can turn pens fast. Order this week and you could  have your order in hand before all the leaves drop from the trees.