Summertime.  Here at Swag Central we're experiencing a hotter-than-usual summer and Swag Maven is getting darn thirsty. What, you ask, do your Swag Coaches like to quench their thirst with? Around here, we're partial to something tasty, slightly sweet and served in an awesome cup - one that you can put a logo on naturally.

On Trend  As per usual, the promotional industry is doing its best to bring you the latest trends for you to logoize  - and that includes the cocktail sector. You've no doubt experienced the joy and wonder of an ice cold Moscow Mule: 

Where has this refreshing cutie been all my life? Who knew that  adding a little vodka to some of that delish ginger beer and topping all with a fresh squeeze of lime could result in such sublimity? A lot of people, that's who. And that is why the Swag World has caught on to this trend in a big way.

The Vessel Of course Swag Maven will share her favorite recipe for the perfect Moscow Mule in just a bit. But first, let's talk about the vessel to serve it in -  because I know, just as soon as you finish reading this post, you will want to pick up the hotline to your Swag Coach and order up a bunch of these bad boys for your employees and clients alike.

As it turns out, and lucky for us in Swag World, one of the key secrets to this famed cocktail is keeping the drink icy cold throughout the whole sipping experience - hence those swaggy copper and stainless mugs you're seeing all over town. It's the copper don't you know, that keeps things on the chill side. So, let's start your drink with one of these sweet cups and put your logo on it, just like this:

The model shown above can be found right here on our website: This version, 20oz of single wall copper, will set you back about 15 bucks. Want to see more options? Head right on over to our webstore. When you get to the Shop Now tab, click  right on that big 'ol button. That will land you on the webstore homepage. Once there, you key in "Moscow Mules"  right in that Search box you see (there on the left-hand side) to pull up an assortment of copper and stainless mugs for your next office soiree or client appreciation event.



Now for that  Recipe A quick Google search will set you up real nice with a plethora of Moscow Mule recipes (go ahead, throw in some blueberries if you like), but Swag Maven does like to keep her promises so here's one of our favorites:

Moscow Mule

6oz  Ginger Beer

2oz vodka

Ice - crushed if possible

Large wedge of a nice, juicy lime

Mix first three ingredients in your new Copper Mug (with your logo on it natch). Squeeze that lime wedge over the top and drop it right in. Make it nice and pretty if you can. Pass 'em out, drink 'em up!


A Grand Plan Here's how this is gonna go down: Real quick-like, call up your swag coach and get a big bunch of these on order. Then, run to the store and get yourself a big supply of vodka, limes and that irresistable ginger beer. we'll send these sweet mugs right to your office where you and yours can raise a toast to your good fortune! Or better yet,  surprise your favorite clients with a unique long-lasting gift with logo impressions to last a lifetime.



Swag Maven Tip # 5: Two tips for the price of one this week: It's good to give. And, most of our copper mugs come in a gift box  - making that giving oh-so-easy.  Get 'em one, or get 'em two