Baby, It's Cold Outside







Brrrrr Once again, the calendar has gotten away from Swag Maven  it's the first week of December already! But here at Swag Central, your Swag Coaches don’t need the calendar to remind us that winter is quickly approaching – the plunging mercury on thermometer has helped us figure that one out. Like the song says … “Baby It’s Cold Outside!”

Cold Weather Schmold Weather  In Swag Land we welcome cold weather with one our favorite gift items – the fleece blanket. We love a fleece blanket so much that every year we add one of these cozy coverings to our amazing Swag Bag we pass out to client’s at our annual SwagFest. Bet you didn’t know you could put your logo on a blanket. Well, you can – and hey, did I mention what a fabulous and tasteful gift it is to pass out to your clients and employees?


Choices Galore Just like any other product you order from us for your promotional program, we’ve got an option for every industry and every budget. Your IBD Coaches have spread blankets far and wide. Our blanket clients include realtors, techies, development teams and hospitality among others. Having dinner on the deck at Restaurant Six Seven on the Seattle Water Front? You’ll get to cozy up in one these Cabin Throws from Kanata Blanket  Nice. Right?

Keeps the diners nice and warm while dining on the Puget Sound.


Got Outdoor Explorers on you Christmas list? Try this Blanket. With a water resistant PVC coated backing, this blanket - available in a multitude of style options - is perfect for both the great outdoors and the stadium alike. 

It's not always going to be cold outside...


Yes, that fancy handle is included with the Explorer. Logo right below it , natch.



Let’s Decoration This Why do we like blankets so much? Other than the obvious creature comforts, blankets offer a great advertising space. From embroidery to leather like patches, we can put up your logo real nice and classy-like - creating an elegant promotional piece that your clients will want to use again and again. And you know what that means, right? Brand Impression, baby! (It's like we do this everyday).

If you select a blanket with that weather resistant backing mentioned above, we can screenprint your logo big and bright, and in some cases offer full color heat transfer printing. Talk about pop!


You don't have to be a national brand to get a logo this big. But if you are, call us up!


Did somebody say Pop? For a real Wow effect, check out this dye sub blanket from our friends at Terry Town. Sure those graphics below are gorgeous and really draw you in, but you should see the one we made for a local equipment supplier. We took a photo of company HQ, blew it up nice and big and then dye-sublimated that image right in to the fibers of the blanket. Ooh la la -Gorgeous! 


Why not? Who doesn’t love a blanket? It's one piece of swag you can never have too many of. Let’s get one for the sofa, the car (love those impromptu picnics – don’t you?) and what the heck – your ski cabin up at Whistler . You know what to do - get in touch with your Swag Coach or someone at Incentives By Design and get these bad boys on order. Christmas in almost here for cryin' out loud!

Swag Maven Tip # 11 IBD Boss-Man just loves to give. Order 100 or more blankets by December 11th and he'll pay the set up fee for you. What are you waiting for - do it!