All We are Saying is ...

 ....Give Fleece A Chance Feel That? Even though daytime temps are spiking off the charts, there is an undeniable chill in the early-morning air when Swag Maven runs out to fetch the morning paper. Whereas just a few weeks ago, it was all flip-flops, tank tops and shorts, now in the evenings when Swag Maven takes her little pup for a walk she turns to fleece to stave off that little chill. Fleece with the IBD logo natch.

Still Strong After All These Years The beginning of each new season, be it  Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, brings supplier after supplier through the doors of IBD HQ - each one showing the latest and greatest in swag. Time after time, no matter the season, the key and dominant piece of each clothing line is fleece. Be it a full zip jacket, a simple vest or a fleece lined soft shell jacket, our suppliers continue to feature fleece in their product lines. Not only that, our suppliers are pouring tons of resources into developing a better product. With each new launch, we're seeing softer, more innovative and performance based options that have been created for you, your clients and your crew. 

But Swag Maven, Why Fleece? So glad you asked. Adding fleece to your corporate gift giving program or crew outfitting continues to be a surefire investment that keeps your brand top of mind and well reguarded among both your crew and your clients. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to plan your fall promo wear program and add fleece to your swag program.


1. VERSATILITY  No matter which piece you select, fleece can be worn as outerwear or as a layering piece. Want something lightweight and comfy to keep the chill off and shield against some of the more wet elements? Choose fleece. Looking to amp up the warmth factor under that fancy parka of yours? Choose fleece. Whether wearing it solo or as a layering piece, fleece will get the job done.

2. COMFY  Have we mentioned just how comfortable fleece is? It's true- soft, warm and cozy, fleece is just so darn easy to wear. Day after day, season after season - fleece has a place. Just think about that for a minute. What other item in your swag portfolio get's donned day after day - year after year? Not only that - from the millenials to the boomers on your staff or in your client portfolio - a fleece piece will go a long way to please most any demographic.

3. LOGO, BABY LOGO  Who doesn't want to put their logo on something both stylish and comfortable? Not to mention something that will be worn again and again in a variety of environments. Walking Billboard Baby, Walking Billboard.


Versatility? Tell Me More. In addition to the cozy and comfy factor, fleece fills the niche for many a swag program. From basic microfleece, to performance based polar fleece to the uber-premium knit-melange fabrics our suppliers are developing, there is something for every business sector and every budget. 


Micro Fleece: A go-to basic and budget friendly.


Polar Fleece: add a little loft to your swag


Melange Knit Fleece: Bring on the style - and superior technical capabilities.


Value In closing, let's talk about value. Adding a fleece piece (or two) to your swag closet is a win-win for your marketing program. Simply because fleece is so comfortable, it is reached for time and time again - and that friend, is brand impression after brand impression. And hey, you are already ordering polo shirts and tee shirts with your logo sitting there all nice and brand-like ... think about it ... do you really want them to cover up your logo with somebody else's logo? No Sirree! Let's make sure you have the final say - with your logo sitting right there on top - emblazoned on a sweet fleece vest or jacket.

You know what to do next - get in touch!