A Rainbow of Color


Who is this Roy G Biv, you ask? Red  Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet


My Friend, Roy G Biv Can’t for sure say why, but Swag Maven is in the mood for a little color this week. Yes, indeed, it is time to brighten up the world just a bit, don’t you think? Here at IBD, we can’t think of a better way then by adding a splash of color to your marketing program.

Naturally, we’re talking about adding that color to your promotional giveaways. Whether passing the swag on to your crew, your favorite customers or those potential clients you’re seeking - we want you to brighten things up and punch up the color factor.


Strategy Whoa there – let’s not jump over the rainbow bridge without injecting a little thought and strategy into the process. Oh yeah – when it comes to marketing, color is all that - impact, power and subliminal messaging. Talk about the trifecta. You can bet on this paI: strategic placement of color in your branding endeavors makes for a winning partner in your marketing campaign.


Freshen Up No doubt, you already have a winning logo and brand identity complete with your signature pantone color combo and Official Brand Guidelines. We get that. Take a meander through the rainbow of colors guide below to see how your team can change it up just a bit – you know, add a little pop!



Red – Known as the color of power. Red has the ability to grab one’s attention and hold it. here's a little hint: don’t overdo it – just a little pop of the red stuff added to your current colorway will do the trick.


Hydrate Golf Kit - bring that power to the Links. 



Orange – Yeah, yeah. The new black. Also known as the on-trend,hipster of the color wheel. Using orange in your program sends  the clear message that your company is on the cutting edge.

It's a fan! For your Smart Phone! So hip, so useful.


Yellow – Another power color. This one allows you to exude confidence. Go easy here and use caution, a little yellow goes a long way. Too much of the stuff will turn off your audience off in a hot hurry.

Tote bag with yellow accent? Totes Cool!




Green – Warm, versatile and inviting. Evokes wealth, wellness and good will. What’s not to like?

Did we mention cozy too?

Don't be afraid to use moss green as a "neutral" backdrop to your logo. Especially when carrying out a "Eco" initiative.


Blue & Indigo - Blue, it conveys a feeling of trust and loyalty. True Blue, pal. True blue.

Who doesn't love a great water bottle? What's more - almost everybody's logo looks good on blue background.


Violet - The color of Royalty. Use to add elegance and prestige to your marketing campaign.


This tried and true stallwart of promotional products line up just loves dressing up in purple - your logo will too.



Show a Little Pride Yes -Let's! Let's show off that sweet logo of yours and get your brand out there for the world to see (and remember). Tee Shirts, Golf  Kits, Caps, Mugs, Power Banks and so much more - all are useful promtional items that make fabulous gifts gladly received by employees, clients and your fans. Not only that, the gift of swag pulls double duty. While showing your appreciation and gratitude to the receiver, it simultaneously sits there all cool-like and advertises your company.

Time to Order - No better time than right now to order up something real nice for your team. Get in touch with your Swag Coach and get your order in motion. Don't have a Swag Coach. No problem, just call IBD Swag HQ - straightaway, a real live swag expert will pick up the phone and get you on your way.

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