A Matter of Safety


The Hard Hat Challenge: Sometimes you need more than just good safety gear; good old common sense comes in handy too.


Safety First When one sets out to build a skyscraper, a new home or construct a massive tunnel under a major metropolitan city, as many of our clients often do, it’s safe to say that the highest level of production standards are in place and no cutting of corners is tolerated. Nope. None. Nada.

Same expectations are held for the garments, gear and swag worn by the crews building those massive structures and tunnels. From foreman to laborer, our clients are looking for rugged, durable and OSHA-compliant gear that works as hard as they do. And you know Swag Maven, she wants to see your logo on it.

It’s no wonder that a large portion of our client base is in construction, and its related sectors. Time and time again, end-users turn to IBD for quality apparel made not only to withstand the elements of the jobsite and mother nature, but to promote their brand. What? Gear for the crew and advertising all in one budget? That’s what Swag Maven calls double dipping – or, smart spending.



Do You Speak ANSI?  We learned long ago, that a core component to any of our construction-related packages is to provide high-visibility, ANSI rated gear; one of the systems OSHA has in place to protect workers in potentially dangerous situations – whether on the highway or the skyscraper. The program started with a mandate for these workers to wear vests that are rated and approved by the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI.


Meet the ANSI's: Class I, II & III


The promo industry has taken it a step further and created ways to apply the ANSI standards to more than just safety vests. Whether working in the hot summer months or the frigid cold of winter, we can put those ANSI stripes (and your logo) on everything from breathable, moisture-wicking t-shirts to heavy-duty insulated parkas.


         Outfitting your crew season by season


Name Dropping  If you’re going to keep your crew safe and well-outfitted, it’s time to wrap your head around the fact that when it comes to crew apparel, orange is most definitely the new black; Safety Orange that is. But with brands like Dri Duck, Carhartt, Tingley, Erb, Pella, Cornerstone and Tri Mountain to name just a few of our many options– the Swag Coaches at IBD will have your crew both safe and stylish in exceptional gear that they’ll want to wear. Every day.


 Great Looking Gear to wear every single work day.


Ready When You Are   Over time, standards and preferences are bound to change. If you already have a program in place - it may be time to evaluate your crew's safety-wear program;  your Swag Coaches are ready to help you adhere to industry standards, updates and of course, crew preferences. New to the safety game? No problem, all the IBD coaches are experts in all things safety. 

All in all, it's safe to say,  the IBD team of experts is on hand and ready to help with your safety initiative. Eager to see what we can offer? Start right here at our webstore. We're so committed to providing the best in Safety, we have a whole section devoted to it!

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