Case Studies

Ever wonder how we come up with our amazing ideas? Our years of experience in the promotional industry have led to some pretty incredible programs. A brief look at some case studies below shows how we grow rough ideas into memorable events and giveaways.

Public Relations Event

Task:A customer was producing a large-scale public relations event and wanted a custom designed commemorative coin to be given as a gift for each attendee. They also wanted to create an extraordinary thank you gift for their special guests and guest speakers, one of which happened to be a former President of the United States.

Solution:We worked with them to find the perfect design for their coin and located a manufacturer that could guarantee delivery, complete in an individualized velvet bag, to the event location ahead of schedule. We then located a glass art studio that designed a beautiful commemorative vase, showcasing the coin that was fused to the marble base. Event attendees, guest speakers and VIPs all appreciated the thoughtful gifts.

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Die Cast Truck

Task:We had a large electrical distributor that wanted to create a replica of their tool truck in die cast metal, 1:20 scale, but only needed 1000 units. They couldn’t use more than the 100 pieces.

Solution:The die costs were prohibitive at the 1,000-unit quantity, but we found that if we doubled their order, the project could be completed on budget. We talked with another IBD customer, an irrigation supply distributor, and discovered that they used the same truck but in a flat bed configuration. We managed to create both trucks in each company’s respective colors, one with a box end and one with a flat bed with golf pencils to emulate PVC pipe. We delivered the items three months later, individually gift boxed and logoed. The promotion was a huge success.

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75th Anniversary Promotion

Task:Create a year long 75th Anniversary promotion based on the professional builder for Parr Lumber, a chain of 26 large lumber yards along the West Coast.

Solution:We created 750,000 scratch off tickets with a professional sports theme. The first quarter featured the NBA with prizes ranging from bags of peanuts to custom regulation basketballs and a trip for two to an NBA Finals game as the grand prize. IBD warehoused and fulfilled all the prizes for each quarter, always maintaining proper stock levels for each Parr Lumber store. The second quarter was PGA themed, the third featured major league baseball, and Q4 was NFL themed all with similar prizes.

The promotion was a great success, resulting in a 20% increase sales, and a marked improvement in customer and employee loyalty.

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Bull Riding Momento

Task:The client wanted a nice giveaway item for a professional bull-riding event that they were sponsoring. The item had to appeal to the demographic that was attending the event and had to be sourced, produced and delivered within 8 weeks.

Solution:IBD worked with a factory overseas to design a completely customized collectable coin presented in a professional jewelry style box. The coin featured the company’s logo and was presented as a high end collectible. Event attendees received the boxed coins as they entered the event, and were very pleased with the quality of the product. Quite simply the promotional item was the perfect product for this event at a great price point and delivered on time. A great execution of a promotion and a great example of what IBD can do for your company.

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Spirit Store

Task:We were approached by a local area high school to help them develop a student store. They previously had only done individual team wear and did not have a central location where students and families could buy school spirit items on an ongoing basis.

Solution:IBD helped them identify their goals, establish a budget, and create various designs to feature in their store. We advised them on everything from color selection to styles to sizing. The operation started with just a table and cardboard boxes and has now evolved into a complete student store, with a full selection of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats, as well as stadium seat cushions, umbrellas and blankets. Best of all, the store generates a profit for the school. IBD guided them to success, and can do the same for your school too.

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The Perfect Leave Behind

Task:A major tech-savvy company,, needed a way for their salespeople to be remembered after their presentations. They wanted to incorporate technology, their unique color of orange and their spoon logo into the equation. They also needed it quickly, as most of our clients do!

Solution:We partnered with the Allrecipes team to design and create a custom 1GB USB Memory Stick in the shape of their logo-a Spoon!. It was even perfectly PMS color matched to their distinctive brand standards. The client was so pleased that have received 3 reorders to date. We even delivered the entire order to them in less than a month, which made everyone happy. The client had great success with these valued leave behinds, creating repeat brand impressions each and every time they were used.

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